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Peanut allergy questions

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notso Thu 02-May-13 11:16:51

DS2 is 2.4 and was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at 14 months.
We were advised to follow a total nut free diet, and carry piriton at all times.
My questions are;
HV recently asked if DS3 had had any allergy issues. I said due to the family being nut free he had never had any nuts, she said delaying giving them could cause an allergy? Is this true? If so how do I give him nuts without harming DS2?

Epipen, we were told as we can control what DS2 eats he doesn't need an epipen. He will be tested again aged 5. My concern is despite following a nut free diet and not having any in the house he has still had two reactions from kisses from people who had been eating nuts. In one case they had even washed their hand/faces and brushed their teeth as they were coming to see him but he still got hives and became distressed from being kissed.
Should I go back and ask for an epipen for when he starts nursery at 3?
One of the GP's wouldn't even prescribe him the different antihistamine the hospital suggested I ask for when he turned 2, she said piriton was fine.


eragon Thu 02-May-13 14:09:19

have you been reffered to a pead allergy clinic ?

we had epi pens from age 2 after having problems with reactions from accidental contact, and adding to allergy list.

We went to gp at 2 and explained what had happened and why we couldnt control or eliminate the possibility of accidental ingestion in family social occasions. We also added considerably to his allergy list with moderate to severe symptoms,such as whole body hives after being hugged by someone. so we got epi pens.
the next hosptial appointment at allergy clinic they offered them to us after hearing the reactions he had been through.

see a young, or newly qualified,trained gp and you are more likely to get some support with auto injectors. Bear in mind accepting the fact that this means that you will need to use them at some point, and you need to carry them with you and train yourself and others to use them.

most of us here have or are in the middle of this, others like my son have needed his auto injectors three times. we are very glad we have them.

notso Thu 02-May-13 22:29:45

Thanks for replying.
Yes the allergy nurse gave us information, and advised us to be totally nut free. They told us he will be tested again at five and depending on his levels he could do a ward challenge.
There is no young/newly qualified GP at my surgery unfortunately. There are two good ones and two not so good ones, but it's pot luck who you see, unless it is a follow up appointment.

ukey Fri 03-May-13 01:56:08

I would make an appointment to see GP and explain reactions he's had with people kissing him, and ask for referral for allergy testing.

P.S if ur on facebook there is a great group for peanut allergy.

uk parents of kids with nut allergy peanuts

notso Fri 03-May-13 09:54:02

Thanks for the facebook tip.
He has had his blood testing for peanut and other nuts. He showed up allergic to peanuts but not for the other nuts.

DavanB Thu 09-May-13 12:09:32

the Anaphylaxis Campaign may be able to provide you with info and support have a look at their website. They also have a facebook page and run a helpline.

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