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aptamil pepti-desperate

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ariane5 Wed 17-Apr-13 21:02:32

ds2 has had reactions to cows milk and soya.
Iam dairy free and bf but exhausted, And have begged gp for dairy free formula as need a break but they have refused until ds has seen a consultant.

my other 2 dcs who are allergic to cmp had neocate but hv said to get the pepti first and see if ds2 was ok with it.

gp said to buy online but its too expensive and im not happy to buy formula online in case its not genuine. I am so desperate for a rest from bf-iam exhausted an due to health issues ds feeds more than babies his age and I cannot leave him with anyone as he wont take anything else.

Can I just buy it in boots or will it still be expensive? I want to cry the gp has been so unhelpful sad

I have had dcs with allergies so its not as if I dont know what to do. I just wish it wasnt weeks to wait for the hosp apptsad

milly26 Wed 17-Apr-13 22:39:46

hi how old is you little one? I understand babies with allergies can be really hard work and if you have 2 older children and have a restricted diet yourself you must be exhausted from breastfeeding. Without knowing how old your little one is its really hard to give advice but it can take a long time to find the right milk for babies with allergies and I would always do it under the advice of the hospital as there is normally a list of milks that they try as it can cause colic symptoms / skin reactions if one small allergen is present which your little one is allergic to. If I was you I would contact your health visitor again and really lay it on thick that you are struggling, hopefully they have a good relationship with the GP and can talk to them on your behalf to either speed up the referral to the hospital or give the doctor some advice on what to prescribe. The GP is probably not very confident as there is a vast array of milks to try and they are all very expensive. Hope you get on ok, it sounds like you are doing a brilliant job with the breastfeeding have you got any help so that you can have a rest you might feel a bit better about carrying on if you can just recharge a bit.

ariane5 Wed 17-Apr-13 22:52:11

Ds2 was 1 last week. He has other health issues and feeds a lot as has not really taken to solid foods yet (he has a genetic condition and also reflux and gags/vomits huge amounts).

Ds1 and dd2 both had neocate and took to it really well with ds1 moving on to neocate active and dd2 onto alpro 1+.

I have just got so run down and have had anti b for utis, mastitis and chest in in the last 5 months and am so tired.
Really need the reassurance of ds2 taking something other than breastmilk too as we often have to dash to hosp with dd2 (diabetes) and its v difficult with ds2 there too.

I don't want to stop bf completely just have a bit of a rest by replacing couple feeds a day.

milly26 Wed 17-Apr-13 23:07:32

Sounds like your GP is not being helpful at all, with the family situation, his age and other problems you would think they would prescibe something. I could understand if he was quite young, but its not unreasonable to want to reduce breastfeeding at one and there is nothing really you can buy over the counter. Soya milk is not recommended for little ones because of the hormones in it and the long term effects especially for little boys, but sounds like you know what you are doing. Hope you have some luck with the health visitor or perhaps another doctor?

ariane5 Wed 17-Apr-13 23:37:57

Hv can't prescribe and so far have seen a nurse and 2 diff gps at the surgery, all said no and today told me to buy online!

I think tomorrow I will go to the chemist and see if I can buy some aptimil pepti and if he reacts to it I might try him on ds1s neocate advance.
I do feel really let down by gp I went there so desp and they really didn't help. It wasn't as if they said I was suggesting the wrong milk and they seem ok for ds to try the aptimil but only if I pay for it rather than them doing a prescription!!

tethersend Wed 17-Apr-13 23:43:01

PM me your address, I have an unopened carton of Pepti 1 left over from when DD had it on prescription a couple of months ago (we moved her onto comfort)- it's yours if you want it smile

ariane5 Thu 18-Apr-13 06:56:13

Thank you tethersend that would be wonderful. Will pm you this morning (can't do it on phone for some reason so will get on computer later) thankyou so much.

ariane5 Thu 18-Apr-13 09:38:18

If you pm me tethersend I can reply with my address-for some reason I can't initiate a pm on phone but can reply to them!

Computer sooo slow at home today I've given up as have to go to an appt now.

Really appreiciate your help. Thanks

tethersend Thu 18-Apr-13 12:44:03

Am having the same problem! Sort it out MN grin

Will PM you tonight after kids' bedtime.

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