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Itchy back and food allergies?

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AnnaBeginsToChange Mon 15-Apr-13 19:43:56

Ds2, nearly 2 has numerous non-IgE allergies. Recently he has been tsking hours to fall asleep and has now managed to communicate he has an itchy back. He is really enjoying it being scratched and it definitely is genuine as now I think about it, he's been wriggling and rubbing it occasionally for days.

No rash/signs of anything but a quick google showed it can be allergy related but no details. Has anyone experienced this?

quoteunquote Mon 15-Apr-13 20:33:33

My husband has this but we have never really got to the bottom of it.

He's had it his whole life we know some of the triggers by not all of them.

It drives him insane so your two year old is doing well to cope with it.

AnnaBeginsToChange Mon 15-Apr-13 20:36:22

Thanks, yes poor chap, it's explains the late nights anyway. Just given him a dose of piriton, been sitting in his bedroom since 7, what a bore but can't leave him as he cries til he's sick sad

quoteunquote Tue 16-Apr-13 10:13:25

one thing we do is be very careful with washing powder find a sensitive one, ecover or something similar, which seems to aggravate it, and lots of rinses with no fabric conditioner, use clear vinegar in the fabric drawer. cotton clothes and bedding only, no feather stuffed things, we got silk stuffed pillows and duvet, mattress covers and we use a steamer a lot, we steam the mattresses regularly,we don't have curtains, soft furnishing gets steamed, we use a dyson animal vacuum, and wash the filters, this helps as it dust mites are defiantly a cause of the part of the allergies/sensitivities, we cut labels out of clothes.

I don't use any of the usual cleaning products in the house, stick to ecover, bicarbonate of soda , soda crystals, vinegar.

we do this because DD gets terrible eczema if we don't, if we keep the house free of harsh cleaning products' she stays eczema free, and it seems to help DH,

I get all shampoos and soaps from the health food shop, and we have noticed if anyone uses normal stuff in the house both DH and DD flare up,

DH always showers if he feels itchy as it helps,he takes antihistamine,

If he avoids yeast and wheat it helps, but we are not sure if this is a total allergy/intolerance,

as a baby and toddler DH apparently demanded to have his back tickled all the time.

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