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Allergy to Hair Dye

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ASKme Mon 15-Apr-13 15:23:23

For several years now I swapped from conventional hair dye to "natural"
I started with Logona and became terribly allergic with an itching scalp and face and puffy eyelids. then swapped to Naturtint which was all right for a while but then the same thing happened. I did persevere as I like my hair colour when it is tinted.
Went back to Wella but now I am allergic to that too,
It looks as if I will not be able to tint my grey hair and I am dreading going"old".
Anyone have any ideas?

babybarrister Mon 15-Apr-13 20:20:56

You need to be very careful indeed as there have been some very serious reactions to hair dye ... Contact the Anaphylaxis Campaign as they have details of particular chemicals to which people have reacted smile

gaggiagirl Wed 22-May-13 20:34:49

Surya henna powder or surya cream available at amazon and eco hamster,I'm in the same boat as you and surya has been my saving grace and it covers greys. Have you tried naturtint reflex? Its s semi permanent I find anything permanent sets my allergies off.

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