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Weaning 6mo and red face/eczema -already df gf sf

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hobnob57 Sun 14-Apr-13 00:12:18

My wee man has come out in a raised rash around his mouth and neck since we started blw a week ago. Very little has been ingested so far, and we have only tried pear, apple and sweet potato. It varies in redness. A patch if eczema has also appeared at the back of his neck. He is also struggling with what seem to be sore tums - lots of wriggling and writhing.

All of this has also coincided with being away from home, and the neck patch first appeared at a friends house who had a dog and a sooty house from wood burning stoves. Be us also teething and drooling a but and has become very partial to the dummy which doesn't help.

His history is one if severe colic and reflux, ebf, I am df gf and soy free but I think he reacts to other as yet unidentifjed things in my diet as he is prone to periods if slimy mucousy nappies with dark strands in them, followed by a period of frequent green nappies.

I suppose my question is can he be allergic to something as nondescript as a pear? And is the rash anything to worry/seek advice about or will I just be given cream and be told to carry on and get food into him? I have a bit of epaderm cream, diprobase and aveeno in the house already.

Stopsittingonyoursister Sun 14-Apr-13 00:21:49

Hi, my DNiece is df sf and also allergic to eggs, strawberries and peanuts. Her symptoms sound similar to your DS - awful nappies, tummy pains, red rashes, etc, and also wheeziness when exposed to peanuts.

She was diagnosed through skin patch testing. It might be worth making an appt with your GP and requesting a referral through to your local paeds allergy clinic. Although my DSis was df and sf when bf-ing DNiece, some allergens don't come through the breast milk, so it was only through patch testing that they got the full range of foods to avoid.

In our area, once DNiece had been dx with her various allergens, she was then referred to a paeds dietician for help with replacing essential nutrients that she would miss out on by being df/sf/egg free etc. For example, there was a specially enriched formula that she has to drink to replace the missing dairy nutrients that my DNiece now gets on prescription.

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