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cooking with soya milk

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dreamchocolate Sun 14-May-06 12:09:09

I know there are lots of allergy free cook books, but when following a recipe from a standard childrens cook book can I just substitute the milk for soya milk, or would that be disgusting?

mymama Mon 15-May-06 05:03:10

That is what I did. I thought it tasted disgusting but my ds didn't as he only knew the taste of soya milk. Most disgusting smelling/tasting thing I ever came across was soya cheese and my ds devoured tons of the stuff!

gigwig Mon 15-May-06 10:51:49

I do this too, and use rice milk usually. I find it is best to heat up the milk alternatives much more slowly than cows milk, especially when making a milk based sauce, the more gentle the heating, the better it is.

dreamchocolate Mon 15-May-06 15:53:19

That's really helpful, thanks! What is rice milk btw?

gigwig Mon 15-May-06 17:42:24

rice milk is just an alternative to soya milk - tastes light, quite fresh. Can buy it most supermarkets.

dreamchocolate Tue 16-May-06 08:30:27

Thanks Gigwig, I'll check it out

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