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Introducing cow's milk after a food challenge - how ?!

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Belmo Mon 08-Apr-13 13:33:36

Hello all,
My 19 month old DD passed her hospital food challenge for milk on Friday - hooray! I was told to wait 48 hours, then give her 150ml of cow's milk a day for a week, then 200 ml, then 300, then on the fourth week introduces cheese and yogurt.
So we should be starting today and I cannot get her to drink it! So far I've tried cold milk, warm milk, three different cups and hiding it in her porridge, and have been met with absolute disgust. She's still breastfeeding, pretty enthusiastically, but I've never been able to express so mixing in with bm not really an option.
Any tips? How important is it to follow the guidance to the letter? I might be able to get some down her with a syringe but not 150ml.
She's got a cold which isn't helping as she just wants boob and water and I don't like to refuse when she's under the weather. Wasn't expecting it to be this hard!!

Cambam2010 Mon 08-Apr-13 13:41:38

My son didn't have dairy products for a long time and was diagnosed as having a cows milk protein allergy. Eventually he has grown out of this intolerance and now drinks plenty of cows milk.

Like your DD, my son was BF until he self weaned at 34mths. When I reintroduced milk I did it very slowly as he just wasn't interested whilst still bfing. His paediatrician said to introduce cooled scalded milk first but I think in the end it was cheese that he went for. Perhaps you could incorporate it into meals. A cheese sauce or a rice pudding?

I don't really think that quantity matters whilst you are still BFing, so maybe introduce in formats that she is interested in.

harverina Wed 10-Apr-13 07:55:27

Not sure about this but her having a cold probably isn't ideal either to be reintroducing an allergen.

Is be inclined to call the clinic and ask for advice although someone else may come along who had experienced this before grin

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