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ds (5.5 yrs) just been diagnosed with a nut allergy

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platanos Sun 07-Apr-13 18:41:31

and a pollen allergy (birch and hazel - we live in Austria so not sure if these are the correct terms as all done in German).
We have been told to avoid nuts. And when the above pollen is flying to avoid /watch for a whole list of other food (no raw vegetables, very few fruits) which he may, or may not, react to.
We have anti-histamines, steroids and an epipen.
Question is:
-ds is going to a friend's house tomorrow. I told the mum about this, but do I put the list of what he can not eat into his bag?
-and his medicines and epipen? (I am a bit nervous about leaving them in the kindergarten changing area, or anywhere where children might have access to them....)
what do other parents do?
Thanks in advance, I feel a bit overwhelmed until we get to grips with all this.

lljkk Sun 07-Apr-13 20:06:39

do I put the list of what he can not eat into his bag?

I would, don't assume they know anything. You could also mention the more obvious symptoms to watch out for.

and his medicines and epipen?

I probably would, just have them near the child at all times for now, but don't expect most people to know how to use the Epipen or have presence of mind to use it.

nervous about leaving them... anywhere where children might have access to them

What about in a margarine pot or ziplock bag, named & inside a little backpack that will go with him to most places? I think most 5yos would have better things to play with, as long as he knows what that stuff is for he'll know it's to be left alone, & you briefly explain to the mom why he needs them close.

lljkk Sun 07-Apr-13 20:07:29

if his list of problem foods is that long you might be better off asking very nicely that he only eat XY &Z and no other foods during the visit. Say what he can eat rather than what he can't, iyswim.

platanos Mon 08-Apr-13 06:16:28

Thanks llijk- getting a ziplock bag is a good idea. And I had not thought of the symptoms bit either. I shall get a bag and make a list of symptoms.

Yes, he has a little rucksack that we take to kindergarten with us. so will put it all in there. and will let the staff know that they are in there...

thanks for the useful advice smile

ukey Wed 10-Apr-13 16:52:57

for kindergarten I would meet with staff to discuss his allergies and how they will keep him safe whilst in their care, have a care plan written up for him. His medication should be passed onto a member of staff and kept where it will be easily and quickly accessible if needed, but also out of reach of the other kids.

staff should be trained in how to use an epi pen.

you don't want them having to go and find his rucksack that's been ung up alongside others in an emergency!

For playing at friends houses I would speak to the other childs parents, discuss allergies, symptoms and medication. Get a trainer epi pen and show them how to use it. Check the food that she will be offering them and nothing else other than foods you have said OK to should be given.

There is also the issue with cross contamination to consider, if they use nuts or nut products then these could contaminate safe foods.

I keep meds in a first aid bag with emergency contact details in, a care plan instructing what symptoms to look out for and action to take.

hope this helps x

platanos Thu 11-Apr-13 17:29:19

Thanks ukey, it helps lots smile
The kindergarten staff have been great and there is another child with a very severe nut allergy so know what to do etc.

I asked about a trainer epipen at the chemist's but they had not heard of it. I will have a look online for them, and see if they deliver to austria.

I am slowly getting used to the changes we have to make, and the care we have to take.

ukey Thu 11-Apr-13 17:36:58

I got ours from not sure if they do the same over in Austria??

they also do an expiry alert service where they send you a text message when epi pens need renewed!

ukey Thu 11-Apr-13 17:38:45

I assume you have the new style pens? with the orange tip, and blue cap on the other end?

ukey Thu 11-Apr-13 18:08:49

I would contact

as they only charge for postage, so they may be able to post to Austria for you???

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