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Coeliac toddler & fussy eater - ideas?!

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CoeliacParent Sun 07-Apr-13 07:44:26

Our second kid (21 months) has been diagnosed Coeliac (via biopsy).. And is so fussy with food.... Just started the gluten free diet, but very little gluten free foods are aimed at toddlers.... Any ideas, experience, foods to try??

We are desperately trying to get dairy in, but never took to cows milk... Pretty sure not allergic as eats some cheese (not much though!)

Luckily he is fond of the vitamin supplement!!!

Artichook Sun 07-Apr-13 07:55:19

Our DD has been gluten free since aged two (suspected coeliac, it runs in our family and she had all the symptoms but so far we haven't gone for the biopsy as it would require reversing the diet). Luckily she isn't fussy and eats anything but her faves are:
- omelette
- soups (brilliant as you can hide all sorts in a blended soup
- risotto (might be a way of getting dairy in without it looking like dairy)
- bolognaise with gluten free pasta (or on a jacket potato)
- fish pie

I assume you have discovered the good gluten free ranges? We basically feed DD2 the same as the rest of us and use gluten free flour, stock etc in our food too. I bake gluten free cakes and freeze them so I have something to send with her to parties. Rice cakes with choc on top are her easy treat snack of choice.

FaintlyMacabre Sun 07-Apr-13 08:24:25

I've got one fussy eater (DS1) and one coeliac (DH) so I'll do my best to collate my experiences of both!

Firstly, the fussiness might possibly be linked to the coeliac disease- if he's been made uncomfortable by certain foods it may have led to reluctance to eat. Lactose intolerance is common in undiagnosed coelicas so maybe when his insides have healed up he will be happier to drink milk. Of course, he may just be a typical fussy toddler!

Here are some ideas of gf foods that my fussy child would eat.

Pancakes made with doves farm flour- I sometimes make American style ones and sneak in grated apple or very well puréed sweetcorn. A good Sunday morning breakfast!

Fish or chicken goujons made by coating with gf flour, egg and crushed cornflakes or rice crispies (make sure these are gf, not all are).

Rice cakes are not very nutritious but can be covered with Philadelphia or peanut butter for a snack.

My fussy child likes banana milkshake with peanut butter. I also add malt extract for him but that's obviously not suitable, will try to think of an alternative. Might be a good way of getting milk in though.

I'm sure there's plenty more that I can't think of at present!

We've found that gf food has improved immensely even in the 5 years since DH was diagnosed. In particular Genius bread (although now supermarkets are making own brand breads that are also very good), doves farm flours and cereals, and Salute pasta. (DH also has his favourite biscuits and cakes but probably not a good idea for your toddler!)

It is incredibly daunting at first but you do get used to it. I find that at home I hardly think about DH being coeliac, just make 'normal' food and substitute where necessary. It is more tricky when out, you do have to be more prepared with snacks and gf sandwiches etc.

Hopefully some of this rambling will be helpful- if I think of more ideas I'll come back!

PoppyWearer Sun 07-Apr-13 08:28:02

Just wanted to say well done for getting a diagnosis so young - I suspect my two DCs have intolerances/Coeliac (also in our family) but the GP has been dismissive and now I want to go privately to get them this what you did, OP?

CoeliacParent Mon 08-Apr-13 15:42:15

PoppyWearer... We were referred by our GP after we sat in front of her and wouldn't budge until something was done (repeated visits).... We really felt there was more wrong than fussy eating and after effects from the standard colds and flu at that age....

Artichook - thanks for some good tips...

FaintlyMacabre - great rambles... Any more are welcome smile and how on earth you discovered peanut butter and banana milkshake was tasty I'll never know....

We are starting to find more ideas but always open to new ideas if anyone has any....

notapizzaeater Tue 09-Apr-13 14:52:18

My ds is coeliac - he normally eats :

Breakfast : meat (ham, cold chicken, bacon, corned beef) doesn't really like the gf cereals at all although will east mesa sunrise and very expensive Chex from the states !!!

Snacks : fruit, celery and peanut butter, dried fruit, smoothies, Pom bears, chocolate, home made salsa, crispbread and choc spread, home made coleslaw

Dinner/teas : soup and crusty bread, casseroles with mash, rice, pasta. Meat and veg (fav is steak angry) stir fries etc, jacket pot

Drinks : coffee blush hot choc occasionally, peppermint tea, pop

Supper - either ice cream or yoghurt - just to make sure. Have got some diary into him.

He eats most veg and fruit - think its because he realised as a toddler that they didn't make his tummy hurt and veered naturally towards them.

mossycat Tue 09-Apr-13 16:36:48

My ds was diagnosed at18mths. A year on he's a great eater and we've got to grips with the gf diet, got over the feeling of devastation and learnt to live with his condition.
It was important for me that mealtimes were kept 'normal' and ds didn't feel different or couldn't eat what we were eating so we went gf as a family. This also helped me cope with the fear of cross contamination, having wrong type of crumbs on the floor!
have u joined coeliac uk and got the food directory it was a lifesaver for us. As for food ideas this is what son usually eats ....
Breakfast: gf toast with jam + peanut butter or gf cornflakes, pot of fruit cut up bite size .
Snacks: cheese cubes little box of raisins, mrs crimbles cheese biscuits- these are also good served with a little pot of cream cheese for him to dip in. Pom bear crisps or Cadbury buttons as a treat
Lunch: ds never liked sandwiches so it tends to be cold pizza as pack lunch or sainsburys free-from pasta is the best ive found or we have rice with veg & tomato sauce or soft cheese or good old beans on toast(as with everything check its gf) grated cheese to sprinkle on himself. Yogurts, custard, jelly pot. I'm trying to get him to eat eggs. So keep serving them up eating them enthusiastically in front of him!
Tea: we make our own pizzas - u can put anything on. Gf fish fingers gf sausages, or batch cook and freeze mini meat balls cottage pies etc.
He's now eating full Sunday dinners with gf gravy! Which I would never have imagined a yr ago.
It seems daunting at first but ive found all family meals can be made gluten free just be careful of cross contamination and i check every ingredient list.
Eating out is still a challenge for me as its a leap of faith for me to have food prepared where i cant see it. We had a positive experience in nando. They showed us their allergy book that lists all ingredients and the manager oversaw the cooking of our order. I usually take a pack lunch or a pot of butter and cheese to go on a bought jacket potato (asking for it not to be cut open).
Hope this gives u some ideas x I'm happy to do some handholding if u need it

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