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Has anyone used Shizhenqing cream for eczema?

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lauradotp Sat 06-Apr-13 15:16:17

My son was diagnosed with eczema a couple of months ago, and we were given a steroid cream and told to moisturise his skin. However, what started out as a small patch on his cheek has now spread all over his face and scalp. He's 10 months old and has to wear mittens because he constantly rakes at his skin - he even rubs against us when having a cuddle! Our GP has been useless, so I went to a Chinese herbalist. We've been given a mixture of leaves and what looks like bark to boil up in water, strain and then wash his face with (once cool, obviously) and a cream that we need to mix with olive oil. However, I've been reading a lot about the creams from some herbalists containing really strong steroids. Has anyone used this Shizhenqing cream, or know anything about it? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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