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allergy show.

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eragon Sat 06-Apr-13 14:05:11

I think someone already posted about the allergy show. I would like to met up with other allergy peeps if you are going!

harverina Mon 10-Jun-13 20:55:04

Oh that would be easier actually! Although I am 19 weeks pregnant so it would all depend on the date. Is it as good as the London show? There are none in Scotland that I know of hmm

mintyneb Mon 10-Jun-13 16:58:08

Harverina, there's another show in Liverpool later this year if that's easier for you to get to? Fingers crossed you don't have to go though!

harverina Mon 10-Jun-13 12:43:25

Oh I am a little bit jealous that I couldn't go! I am in Scotland though so a bit of a trek shock

Going to try and go next year...unless we go to dd's allergy appointment next week and she has no allergies grin (I can dream can't I)

eragon Sun 09-Jun-13 12:05:33

was going to go today,but daughter ill, so had to cancel.will come next year and want to met people in the venue.

perhaps we need to wear something distinctive?!!

CouthyMow Sun 09-Jun-13 12:01:28

I tried the mango coyo. Now I HATE coconut with a passion. But it was NICE! It only faintly tasted coconutty.

I have a stack of leaflets to go through for suppliers of food. I also have loads of samples for DS3 to try. Once I know which flavours he likes, I can order in bulk.

He tried a Wot No Dairy dessert last night. He LOVED it. He ate 2/3 of a pot - which isn't bad for a 2yo!

I can't wait to try him on some if the other bits I've picked up.

Will definitely go next year, but if I make arrangements to meet people, it will have to be actually IN the venue, at lunchtime, because of the PITA that it is for me to travel there.

At least now I KNOW though.

CouthyMow Sun 09-Jun-13 11:52:55

On the way home, I was sat opposite a businessman in the train, and we got into a conversation, because it turned out that his DS also has multiple allergies.

He told me how to make cheese dairy free. He uses soy milk, but I'm going to try it with coconut milk and Oatly cream (my DS3 is fine with gluten).

Bring soy milk / whatever milk replacement you are using to the boil. Squeeze in lemon juice just before it boils. Then strain through a muslin cloth. Then you get something very similar to mozzarella.

Sounds really easy!!

The rice milk cheese stand I never found.

But I'm going to give this a go next week, see what it's like. Apparently you can use any citrus juice to squeeze in.

mintyneb Sun 09-Jun-13 09:28:44

I went Friday but didn't see the cheezly! How could I have missed that? I did try some mozzarisella (rice milk cheese) and have now got some on order through my local health food shop.

Other than that I restocked my Plamil choc spread and baking choc drops and bought some pudology desserts.

Oh and gave my business card (I make free from cakes) to one stand so you never know I might get something from it!

On the whole I found it very heavily geared to gluten free like last year but I'm hoping the big players will now start concentrating on dairy free so things could be better for me next year.

One good thing though was that I wasn't aware of the allergy testing stands trying to part people from large amounts of money. There were far too many of them there last year

janey223 Sat 08-Jun-13 20:57:59

It was great, couldn't believe the cheezly! DS can't have peas but got one to try him on baked in to see. Got myself viva soy 2 for £1, some cake mixes and bread, hemp milk and koko, chocolate, coyo.

I'm all chocolate, bread and caked out now. The df curry sauces were lively but DS is so picky and wouldn't try them and they had seed butters but he wouldn't try them either or yoghurt or ice cream! I've eaten the mango coyo already shock

Was good though, waiting on his coeliac results so good to taste lots of Gf stuff and it feels less daunting now. Think ill try him on Gf if they come back neg anyway.

CouthyMow Sat 08-Jun-13 19:55:55

The Orgran stall is another favourite - lots of products I'd not seen before, and 3 for £5 too.

Cheezly soy free was only £1, too!! I pay £3.89 for it locally...shock

There was zero zebra choc too.

It's a shame, because Allergy Easex were meant to be there, but the lazy who runs it gave birth last week, 9 weeks early, so they couldn't be there. Baby doing as well as can be expected though. smile

CouthyMow Sat 08-Jun-13 19:51:55

Oh dear God the journey, though!!

It took me 45 minutes to get from Olympia to Tower Bridge, another 10 to cross the bridge and get to Liverpool St, then 50 minutes back to Colchester, then 35 waiting for a bus and getting home...

And it was even WORSE on the way there, because the bloody circle line had a systems failure or something, and wasn't running at all, so I had to think on the hop, get a central line tube to Notting Hill Gate, get on the (green one?!) to Earl's Court, and then on yet another tube to Olympia.

Next time I go to Olympia, I will bloody well remember how much of a PITA it is to literally cross London by tube...

CouthyMow Sat 08-Jun-13 19:45:59

My favourite find? A powdered white chocolate replacement that is dairy, soy, nut free.

I'm going to ponder how to use it in a blondie recipe...

Watch this space! grin

eragon Sat 08-Jun-13 18:46:53

am going tomorrow with my kids.

intol daughter wants to look for some new snacks to try, and son will just look around and read the labels!

CouthyMow Sat 08-Jun-13 16:42:50

I looked for you, but I haven't seen anybody dressed in orange!

Have got loads of new products for DS3 to try, including the Wot No Dairy desserts. Have tons of bags to get home.

janey223 Sat 08-Jun-13 16:21:39

I was there!

babybarrister Sat 08-Jun-13 13:21:08

I was stood up! only one there ....sad

hope everyone enjoys though - there are some nice food products grin

CouthyMow Sat 08-Jun-13 12:00:07

Circle line is basically not working due to a signal failure. I've got to Earl's Court and am waiting for a C1 bus

CouthyMow Sat 08-Jun-13 10:11:18

I'm really sorry - I'm going to be late, I didn't realise how long it takes to get from Liverpool St to Kensington (not from London!).

Don't wait for me, I'm not going to get there till almost 12. 2 hours travel!

I thought I could jump on a bus at Liverpool St and be there in 20 minutes...

<<Idiot emoticon>>

babybarrister Fri 07-Jun-13 23:23:07

any more for any more?! I shall be in the cafe mundo wearing orange at 11!

CouthyMow Fri 07-Jun-13 01:28:17

I'm still present and correct. grin

Child free time, too! I might get to actually...READ on the train!!

(Almost forgotten what it is like to read a book!)

babybarrister Thu 06-Jun-13 21:38:45

roll up ladies for Saturday?!

CouthyMow Sun 02-Jun-13 03:02:28

I keep thinking that if I caught the train just 5 minutes before, it would wind up being the most expensive 5 mins in my life...grin

babybarrister Sat 01-Jun-13 23:05:08

no problem - I will see you at 11 in the cafe on Saturday!

CouthyMow Sat 01-Jun-13 22:11:18

It's hard for me to get there much earlier than that, because as I said upthread, before 9.12, my train ticket will cost £100 MORE.

No, I have no idea why either...confused

I can understand it costing a bit more before 9am, but a hundred blinking pounds??!!

babybarrister Sat 01-Jun-13 19:33:47

cool - I am up for earlier if you are!

CouthyMow Sat 01-Jun-13 19:29:27

I'll be there by 11am on the Sat. PM me and we could find each other.

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