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Allergy clinic on Tuesday

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Hoophopes Sun 31-Mar-13 15:27:26

After being refused allergy testing by our local hospital, where the consultant told us he doesn't believe in allergy testing and told us to eliminate: all dairy, soya, egg, fish, nuts, gluten, oats and anything we know our 1yr old ds reacts to (so citrus, tomato and celery so far - as well as egg and dairy) we have an appointment at a different hospital next week. It was a referral by our gp to an allergy clinic, am slightly anxious as I discover we are seeing another paediatritian - and having looked him up I discover his specialist area is eating disorders in teens!

So what should I expect to happen at a first appointment at a supposedly allergy clinic referral? Having waited the usual 17weeks I am keen not to be told to go back again in 3/6mths with nothing happening! It took months to get the CMPI diagnosed, after reflux and skin rashes the paed would only believe us when i fed my ds a bottle of normal formula just before the appointment so he saw the immediate reaction!! (He was sick all over the carpet and had awful rashes!!)

Am trying to be positive but it would help to know what to expect, or to ask for. I am nervous about introducing new foods to my ds now - he had dates this past week and an awful reaction to them!

babybarrister Mon 01-Apr-13 09:31:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hoophopes Mon 01-Apr-13 19:43:34

Ah - 20 sounds amazing though!! Ds reacted to soya lecithin yesterday - well either that or another random ingredient in his dairy free easter egg!! And dates caused hives last week, they are the only new foods he has had in 1 month.

Right - have printed out a list of things to remind myself. I hope they will actually do testing tomorrow!!

PenPerson Mon 01-Apr-13 19:47:22

My ds was blood tested at about 9 months old for multiple allergies including foods, pollen, dust mites , animals etc etc. they don't have enough skin area for all the skin pricks as babies !
They picked up a couple of things he was allergic to and his health improved overnight. He was followed up with skin prick tests yearly to monitor the allergies.

Hoophopes Wed 03-Apr-13 19:13:49

Thanks- frustrating appointment, saw a registrar paed, not an allergy specialist. Eventually given blood tests (RAST) for milk, egg, wheat and soya. Despite listing all the things he reacts to - dates, lemon/orange/apple/strawberry (oral allergy syndrome), milk, egg, possible soya lecithin etc no more allergy tests offered. No tests for other foods, pollen, dust mites, animals etc. They were going to do skin prick tests for these 4 things and not blood tests but he needed 2 blood tests for other things so grudginly they changed the plan. The registar said "blood tests more expensive than skin prick tests" as if we should be happy.No dietician help, go back in 3 months. Felt like I knew nothing more when came out.

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