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Allergic Reaction to fruit bars????

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MissWooWoo Tue 26-Mar-13 09:16:33

DD is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Ended up in A&E last night after she developed a reaction (itchy throat, face, red rash to face, slightly swollen lips, tummy ache) to ?? real fruit bars?? Has anyone else experienced an allergic reaction to these? We gave her antihistamine but symptoms appeared to be getting worse so took her to A&E to be on the safe side. She is fine now. I do remember giving her one of these bars (different) and within minutes of eating some of it she developed a rash, we gave her antihistamine and it calmed down within half an hour. This time she had maybe 2 bites and decided she didn't like it, seemed fine but symptoms developed an hour later. There was desicated coconut in the bar but apparently this isn't a nut and allergic reactions to coconut can be very rare. There were a couple of E numbers listed on the label (I know! easter gift from MIL as replacement for an egg confused) so wondering if it could have been a reaction to this rather than the coconut.

If anyone has an experience of a reaction to these thing please let me know as I'm a bit flummoxed!

greenbananas Tue 26-Mar-13 09:54:44

Hope your DD is feeling better sad

It might have been cross-contamination? Depends on which fruit bars you are talking about, but I have noticed that some manufacturers of fruit bars also produce nut bars and bags of nuts etc. I think that nut warnings are voluntary at the moment, so a lack of nut warning does not necessarily mean that there were no nuts in the factory.

Coconut isn't a nut, but my DS is allergic to it anyway, and he is also allergic to some fruits. How old is your DD? Could she be reacting to something new?

MissWooWoo Tue 26-Mar-13 13:16:35

thanks greenbananas she's feeling fine now, currently sprawled on the floor under a duvet watching tv - she was just way too tired to go to school today, she's almost 6. She's also allergic to pollen/grass and dust mites and last summer developed an allergy to horses (confirmed at her annual testing in Autumn of last year).

These bars were from overseas and were labelled as being produced on a production line that uses nuts but we've never had any problems with this before which is why I'm wondering if it's the E numbers E122 AND e124. Maybe it is the coconut - I don't think she's been tested for that - we never give her anything with coconut in it just because it's easier for her to get the "no nuts" thing (we call butternut squash squash or pumpkin!) at this age. DD is fine with fresh fruit although doesn't like dried fruit which is what's in the bars.

We never give her the bars as she doesn't really like them and was only having a try because it was present from Grandma. Another thing to avoid to put on the list!

neolara Wed 27-Mar-13 21:23:48

My dd is allergic to peanuts. She's reacted to things that have been labelled as containing "traces of nuts" and "not suitable for nut allergy sufferers because of manufacturing methods" (which I assume means made on the same production line as items including nuts). I think there's a possibility it could have been due to cross contamination.

I hope your dd feels better soon. It must have been very scary for you all.

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