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Allergic to my perfume(s)

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DeepRedBetty Sat 23-Mar-13 22:31:32

Not classic perfumes, as I never was madly into them and seem to be OK with Obsession and Cerruti Image when I can be arsed to wear them, but I've developed a pretty massive intolerance to most aerosols since ddtwins. To the point that I can't use Tesco customer toilets anymore as they have those automatic squirtie thingies in them!

Could you try spraying perfume onto clothes? Yes I did see the bit about pulse points... I'm just thinking better than nothing!

FishfingersAreOK Sat 23-Mar-13 22:20:33

Hello, new in this topic <waves> and after some advice please. Am not a huge perfume wearer and some of this is because since DCs arrival I have noticed that my perfumes (Chanel no 19 & no 5) have been causing really uncomfortable skin reactions.

Have always had sensitive-ish skin, so do the non-bio washing powder/sensitive skin face cream but until the last few years never had the slightest problem with perfume. Now I do. Itchy, red rash where ever it has touched my skin. I know I could just "walk" through it - but I keep forgetting. And I want to wear it properly on my pulse points <stamps foot childishly>.

I can accept not wearing my current perfumes anymore - but wondered if anyone has any experience of this and if there are any particular makes/types etc of perfume that are kinder than others?

Please helo me smell nicer....

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