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Wheat free help

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HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 24-Mar-13 09:47:28

I'd question how carefully he's avoiding wheat. It's in so much stuff if he's accidentally consumed it, his symptoms will be back quickly (I know within an hour if I've eaten wheat now!). Also if your DS is eating wheat again is food getting contaminated? Think about bread crumbs in the butter, contamination from the toaster etc. DH eats gluten, I don't (it aggravates my IBS but I'm not coeliac). We have separate sides of the toaster!

Has your DH actually been tested/investigated for his symptoms?

notapizzaeater Fri 22-Mar-13 13:54:58

My coeliac son had mouth ulcers if he had oats, it's really hard to go gf ... It is hidden in so much stuff. A first shopping used to take me about 3 hours reading every single packet, still takes me longer but I have picked up speed now grin

It takes him days for his bum to settle down and weeks for the tummy ache / lethargy to go.

As a teenager now he could eat at mcd's pizza hut dominos so can be like everyone else. I'd really push for both of them to be tested

schilke Fri 22-Mar-13 13:50:34

No not sure it's wheat. Potted history of dh - since he can remember, 4/5 visits to loo each day with diarrheoa (usually urgent) tummy aches, gurgling stomach.

Ds2 was tested for coeliac when he was 9 after 4 years of no wheat - GP had suggested going wheat free - (was back on wheat before test). It was negative, but I know you can have several negatives. He stayed back on wheat, but has symptoms similar to dh and loads of mouth ulcers/headaches....I wish he'd persevere with it again.

Dh just tried wheat free in solidarity with ds2 (who now can't be bothered to be wheat free) and was amazed at immediate results. He has been pretty much gluten free too, however surrounded by wheat crumbs and eating things made in factories where wheat is present! I had suggested being stricter.

INeedtoDrinkLess Fri 22-Mar-13 13:20:53

Yes notapizzaeater, and if it's a gluten intolerance schilke you need to avoid more than just wheat. You probably know that though.

notapizzaeater Fri 22-Mar-13 13:16:07

He really needs testing to rule it out, but even a trace of gluten sets my son off for days. A rouge crumb off a work top ?

pianomama Fri 22-Mar-13 13:13:43

Are you sure they are both allergic to wheat? Or is it a result of a tummy bug?

schilke Fri 22-Mar-13 13:06:52

About a month ago dh & ds2 went wheat free. It had a huge impact on dh - one trip to the loo a day instead of 4/5 - and no diarrheoa.

Ds2 has abandoned it, however as soon as back on wheat his tummy aches came back and rushing to the loo. He is nearly 13 and I feel it has to be his decision. I'm pretty sure when he's older he'll be wheat free.

Anyway, dh seems now to have reverted to explosive toilet visits. What's going on? A colleague told him that he had gone wheat free and it made a big difference, but then the problems returned. Dh is feeling a bit down now. He had felt so much better - more energy and no awful tummy issues. Any ideas?

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