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Smooth soya yoghurts

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HenniPenni Mon 08-May-06 09:10:24

Does anybody know where i can get these from? DD won't eat the ones with "bits" in.

I have tried Tescos, asda and my local health food outlets but to no avail.

threebob Mon 08-May-06 09:12:46

I'm afraid I'm no use as I'm in NZ - but we have had to resort to reblending the yoghurt at home in the food processor and then putting it back in the tub.

HenniPenni Mon 08-May-06 09:13:51

Will admit to the thought of seiving it! thanks three bob.

smoggie Mon 08-May-06 09:16:32

HP - having the same prob here DS2 (13mth) is a bit hit and miss with them. I think I remember on the Alpro website there's a list of stockists and possibly Morrisons stock the Alpro Oi yog (pretty sure this hasn't got bits in). HTH but check out the website. WIll try today but I'm at work. Already in late so pushing it being on here !!

Elliebean Sat 13-May-06 21:10:38

Hi, the Alpro yoguts mentioned by Smoggie dont have bits but only come in 4's with two cartons of each flavour. So not much variety.

To make our meals more fun and to try and get my dd (14 months)to eat the bits I eat some of them for her!!Saves time sieving etc
As a bit of info the strawberry alpro ones tend to have less lumps than the peach ones!! How sad that I now seem to be an expert in this thrilling topic

Good luck

HenniPenni Sat 13-May-06 21:37:58

Thanks for the replies,I have managed to find some soya based desserts to replace the yoghurts, their not super smooth but at least she eats them (don't know why cos they have the consistency of flour/water paste!)

Have also found some soya substitute for cheese too.

singersgirl Wed 17-May-06 10:33:06

No yoghurts, but my DS likes the Alpro vanilla and chocolate custards. Smooth, but sickly sweet IMHO.

twinklestar132 Thu 18-May-06 18:54:09

Holland and Barratt stock the smooth Alpro yoghurt, I think they are called Alpro junior smooth. I have also seen them in Sainsburys.

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