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Possible milk allergy ds 15wks told to use soya formula

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summerglory Thu 07-Mar-13 12:08:00


I think my 15wk ds may hv a slight milk allergy. He's been ebf up til now but I need to take meds that are not compatible w b/f so hv been weaning him onto a bottle.

I tried aptamil first & he came out in a few red spots round his mouth. My GP has referred me to the paediatrician but told me to try him on soya formula in the meantime. I've read some horrendous things about soya formula & am now worried.

My ds hadn't done a poo for a wk & then did 2 y'day both consistency of peanut butter.

I'm still waiting for the paed appt but tried him again on aptamil to see if he had the same reaction & there was again a few red spots round his mouth.

I've been using SMA wysoy and hv just bought cow & gate soya formula to try when the SMA one runs out.

Any advice appreciated.

BTW my 5yr old dd also had a milk & egg allergy when she was months old which she grew out of & was on nutramigen.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Thu 07-Mar-13 13:43:47

Hmm, we were told not to use soya as it still contains the cows milk protein which is what they're allergic to. We tried Nutramigen and Aptimal pepti where the protein is broken down more. Didn't work however so now we're on Neocate. You should probably get Nutramigen from the GP, to me anyway.

babybarrister Thu 07-Mar-13 13:46:22

Soya protein is very similar to cows milk protein so this was a bad idea IMO as there is a likelyhood that your ds will be allergic to soya as well. Nutramigen is available over the counter - tho expensive - have a try and if it works, go back to GP and for prescription

freefrommum Fri 08-Mar-13 14:44:56

Soya formula is not recommended for babies under 6 mths in the UK due to high levels of phyto-oestrogens (particularly for boys) plus up to 50% of babies allergic to cow's milk will also be allergic to soya so best avoided. You need to ask your GP for a prescription for hypoallergenic formula (eg Nutramigen, Pepti, Neocate etc).

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