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help please

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chloejaynemummy Tue 05-Mar-13 09:32:04

My LG has cows milk protein intolerance has been on nutramigen since she wad 3 months old she's now 13 months had a visit to dietician on Friday and I must say was pretty pointless just told us Carmen diet is good and to keep with it she has lost a little bit of weight but has been poorly with colds and chest infections and decided to drop her bottles so hvs are not worried and said is normal for then to loose a little weight as they are moving about more anyway dietician told us to introduce cows milk where it is cooked for instance custard and to try it in the morning just in case it gives her tummy ache whats the best thing to try first with cows milk in it? As I don't want to overload her and make her poorly when she's finally getting back to her happy self xxx

Happygirl77 Tue 05-Mar-13 19:49:55

My dc3 has dairy allergy (among others). We have just done his first dairy trial. Step 1 was to put milk on the skin (forearm or cheek) and wait a couple of hours to ensure no reaction. Step 2 was to offer baked goods containing dairy, eg: biscuits. A small amount in day 1, increasing amounts and frequency over 3-4 days. Monitor for any reaction (which may be similar to original reaction) and stop if any reaction noted. If ok, you can introduce these to the diet. If all clear after 7-10 days introduce butter. (We didn't get this far!) Wait until baby is healthy and settled (which meant our 12-month trial was a 14-month trial and we postponed immunisations.) whole process )of you get to the end) will take 2-3 weeks.

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