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Very new to this - what should I expect from the gp?

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Curlychica Tue 19-Feb-13 12:00:16

Hi, dd2 has had ezcema since around 4-5months old. She's now just turned one. A few weeks ago I gave her a peanut butter sandwich (for first time) and noticed above her mouth turn patchy red. The other day she had some sardines and gnochi with veg and after a few mins of eating she had red bumps (like hives I thnk)under her chin and round her neck. She's had quite a bit of fish and sardines before but I know it can take sometime before an allergy presents.

Obviously no more peanut butter or sardines. But should I keep off all fish?

She has had what I thought was a cold forever. Runny nose and cough. 3 days ago however, she got conjunctivitis, and I've just been reading this can also be caused by allergies (didn't know this previously).

My question is what should I be asking my gp for? DOes she go for tests at this age?

The thought of beginning to monitor ingredients in all food worries me but I suppose its nothing new for you ladies.

eragon Tue 19-Feb-13 12:32:41

Yes, i would go to your GP and ask for a refferal to see a pead immunologist, if thats locally available. other than that testing and visit to pead with allergy knowledge is other choice.

you can ring the anaphylaxis campaign help line for support , I have used them a few times over the years.

freefrommum Tue 19-Feb-13 13:06:55

Link to NICE guidelines on diagnosing allergies in children:
Might be useful if your GP isn't keen on referring your DD grin

ukey Tue 19-Feb-13 18:39:17

some GPs are reluctant to refer for allergy tests, especially if child hasn't had a severe reaction this is where the NICE guidelines come in. but I would ask for referral.

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