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help with interpreting egg allergy test results?

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averagemum Tue 19-Feb-13 14:03:30

Thank you so much - this is so helpful!

freefrommum Tue 19-Feb-13 13:05:13

Here's the usual scale used to interpret RAST results:
CLASS 0 (less than 0.35 KU/L)
CLASS 1 (0.35-0.7 KU/L)
CLASS 2 (0.71-3.5 KU/L)
CLASS 3 (3.51-17.5 KU/L)
CLASS 4 (17.51-50 KU/L)
CLASS 5 (50.01-100 KU/L)
CLASS 6 (greater than 100 KU/L)

And here's a link to some useful advice on what the results mean:

The main thing to remember is that there is no definitive test to say how bad a person's reaction will be or even whether or not they will react at all (other than a food challenge). RAST and skin prick tests are both tools used by medical professionals to get an idea of the likelihood of an allergy, not how that allergy will manifest itself. I certainly wouldn't worry about milk or wheat given the fact that your little one has been eating these without any reactions plus the results are in the Class 0. Just to add that my DS's result to milk was over 100 and his egg & wheat results were both over 70! However, this doesn't necessarily mean that his reactions will be more severe than someone with a result of 2, just that it's more likely that he will react and that it's likely that his reactions would be severe. Hope that makes sense. Good luck with the appointment.

averagemum Tue 19-Feb-13 11:05:38

Hello, I'd be really grateful if someone more knowledgable could help me understand these results. My 10 month old reacted to egg a few weeks ago (blotches around the mouth and eye watering and rubbing), and I've just got these results back:

Egg: 1,91 kU/l
Cows milk: 0,26 kU/l
Wheat: <0,10 ku/L

apparently anything over, 0,10 shows a sensitivity.

He's been having cow's milk and wheat fine (or at least with no reaction at all) for months now. This is all new territory for us as his big brother didn't have any worrying reactions to food at all. Could anyone shed some light on whether the allergies seem serious or not? I have dr's appointment tomorrow, but could do with some insight before then! Thank you X

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