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Milk Allergy

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sherinfonseka Sat 16-Feb-13 11:36:16

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eragon Sat 16-Feb-13 11:57:54

Little more on how intolerence presents in infants. two types of milk intol child, the milk protein irritates the valve sitting on top of the stomach, which swells and doesnt fit correctly. This causes milk to go back up and the ratio of milk to stomach acid is incorrect. This lack of stomach acid means that food is not fully digested as it passes through the gut. This causes irritation to the gut linning which then inflames. ( leading to dehydration) and then an inabilty to digest other food. Babies may not sleep at night esp if layed down flat as this can cause gut pain.
Doc's are concerned if a spit up baby is not happy or healthy, with bloated tummy , bags under eyes, poor weight gain, mucas/odd nappies etc, etc,
But sometimes a healthy baby can be a big spit up person but thrive!

sometimes a healthy baby may pass normal stools but be in extreme pain when passing them. this is because the milk protien irritates the linning of the anus, the stools look normal because upper gut is not irritated by the protein.
The pain is very high level due to the amount of nerve endings in the bowel.

when new formula is prescribed, must be used for at least 6 weeks before any improvement is shown. This is because the gut linning can rest , and will take some time to recover from inflamation. once gut recovered other foods that once caused a problem may be digested correctly once again.

hope this is useful .

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