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Dust mite allergy, Nasonex Nose Spray, mouth breathing

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londonkids Fri 15-Feb-13 14:18:31

My Ds who's age 5 has had his tonsils removed and his ENT surgeon has prescribed Nasonex spray to be used indefinitely as he is incredibly allergic to dust mites and has a permanently blocked nose making him mouth breathe. The mouth breathing can alter the shape of his face making it longer and result in him not having enough space for his second teeth. It can also reduce his ability in sport, affect growth and concentration and sleep. I want to obviously help him but I feel nervous about him taking a steroid spray. I am currently trying various homeopathic remedies, but he is mouth breathing most of the time. I have also looked into breathing exercises and when we read him stories we try and get him to close his mouth and breathe through his nose for the duration of the story. I wondered if anyone else has had a similar condition, or used Nasonex or has any suggestions for helping dust mite allergies. We are taking up the carpets in his room, hoovering regularly and got anti dust mite bedding. Thank you.

eragon Fri 15-Feb-13 14:45:27

my son has the steriod spray, has tried different ones over the years, and has dust mite bedding and dustmite and pollen filter at the end of his bed.
this does help, but even so with his high dustmite allergy he still has problems.

He also has the bad breath that comes at part of this delightful problem and has a special mouthwash from chemist.
So good oral hygeine and treatment is a must.

my son notices if I havent boiled washed his bedding once a week and becomes itchy and snores louder.

its the combination of treatments that help. imo.

eragon Fri 15-Feb-13 14:51:09

p.s wouldnt bother with the homepathic stuff myself.
I want something that works, and limit the damage to nose by making sure nasel spray is given correctly etc.

agree with the nasty aspect of this condition, has HUGE effect on quality of life.

we have wooden flooring and damp dust , the whole bedroom is sorted for him. we have stair and front room carpet only. leather sofas, hepra vacum, and because of outdoor allergies dont hang clothes on washing, and avoid clothes drying on radiators. its a whole home thing with us.

neversaydie Fri 15-Feb-13 15:04:46

I had a very bad dust mite allergy as a child. I found nasal sprays were the final insult to an already overwhelmed nose, and I usually sneezed out whatever was in them on contact.

The thing that made a huge difference to me (but this was as an adult) was when I found Sodium Chromoglycate as an eye drop. They really do work like magic.

It is possibly worth checking with the consultant to see if his drug of choice has an alternative eye drop form?

Keeping the environment as dust free as possible really does help, too. If home and bed are a refuge from allergenic challenges, everything can calm down once a day, and the stuff you can't control is then stimulating from a much lower base line.

londonkids Sun 17-Feb-13 13:56:30

Eragon, what is hepra vacuum? I was thinking of investing in a Dyson Hoover , do you think it would make a difference, I currently use a black and decker handheld one or Miele one? Thank you. Have you noticed any negative side affects from the steroid spray?

eragon Sun 17-Feb-13 14:28:12

we use a dyson. hepra filter vacum cleaners good for removing dust.

yes, have noticed negative side effects, nose bleeds etc, it is a side effect, so body posisitoning to get stuff in correct area of nose is important. However, if left, nose is permanantly blocked, and even with treatment one side is nearly completely blocked. Without the daily nasal spray to control this am sure that other more serious problems may arise with the need for nose ops. who wants to live with a permanatly blocked nose?

Son is 16 and is very aware of when he forgets his spray so he is one of the few that regularly use it.
He doesnt have asthma, but have been told by immunologists that a open nose so to speak, does help with asthma control.
Which makes sense I suppose as we breathe through our nose as well as our mouths.

we have changed the sprays quite frequently over they years on the immunologists advice, and use plain water ones. esp if we go on holiday to swimming pools as the chlorine is horrible stuff. ( most of us get very itchy!)

ukey Sun 17-Feb-13 14:59:16

do you also give anti-histamine before bed?

londonkids Sun 17-Feb-13 19:34:26

thank you Eragon, the main side effect I'm worried about is stunted growth , has that been any issue for you? - of course if my DS continues to mouth breathe all the time that could also result in stunted growth too! After nose bleeds you just said etc. - I wondered if you could tell me any of the other side effects? Ukey - I don't give him any anti histamine - the ENT surgeon who removed his tonsils has only suggested the nasonex steroid spray. Thank you

eragon Sun 17-Feb-13 20:49:40

stunted growth? no, had them since he was about 18 months old, (ones with a use only for 12yr olds on the label btw) now 16 and over 6ft tall!

He has a long list of food allergies, and could have stunted growth due to limited diet, but thanks to the support of his immunoligists he is a skinny and tall teen.

and yes to anti-histamine, I would suggest taking a non seditive one at night, and after month when its built up in his system it will help with night time breathing etc.

When my sons rhinitis is under good control he barely snores. In fact no young child should snore, its a classic sign of environmental allergy.

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