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BK chargrilled chicken fillet strips ??

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janey223 Sat 09-Feb-13 00:36:03

I checked these a couple of weeks ago in the restaurant and they were dairy free.

DS had them again today and has been grumpy and not sleeping well so I thought I'd check again the only shop bought thing he had and now they have dairy!!

So bloody annoyed! She nearly gave me nuggets and I said no he's allergic to dairy, it's the strips.

This is the first time this has happened, do I really need to get them to getthatbig folder out all the time! I would have thought if they added an allergen they would at the least tell the bloody staff.

Just in time for his challenge, here come the shits the spots and the excema tomorrow

freefrommum Sat 09-Feb-13 10:59:26

So sorry to hear that janey223. It's so distressing when something like that happens and I agree that staff should be aware of a change like that if someone actually says that they're allergic or they should offer to double check. It's the same with food from the supermarket, I hate it when they change the ingredients on something we've been buying for ages and then suddenly you discover they've put egg/milk/wheat in it! Takes me so bloody long to do the food shopping, having to read every label even if we buy it every week.

Really hope your DS doesn't suffer too much. And please don't blame yourself (we're all too good at beating ourselves up, aren't we?).

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