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am i wrong?

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OHforDUCKScake Wed 06-Feb-13 13:52:44

Im a little confused.

Shes not got an infection by the sounds? Her ear drums are pink, but not bulging?

Have you been giving her calpol and neurofen?

chloejaynemummy Wed 06-Feb-13 11:34:21

Hello lady's
this is a bit of rant tbh am I wrong for being angry?
Took my one year old to doctors yesterday as all weekend she has been holding her ears and hitting her head not wanting to eat and flinching when she swallow s like it hurts see a doctor who we have never seen before (which I don't like doing but only appointment we could get) doctor checked her said ears where a bit pink and throat looked red prescribed antibiotics said start them if she still seems in pain fed her lunch was worse then before so I started them, this has happened before seen New doctor gave her antibiotics she came up in a rash took her k her doctor said she didn't even need them! So today thought I would get a 2nd opinion see a doctor we normally see who made me feel like I was waiting his time! Told me it was strange for her to be back in the next day and said that people are finding it hard to get appointment s which made me feel as if I was wasting his time checked her temp and sent us on our way so he didn't even check her ears or throat then said I should of waited before starting antibiotics I just feel that I can't win! First time mum's alwAys get made out that we 're wrong and worrying about nothing it makes me so angry!

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