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Allergies sun, dust... something else - experiance

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JeffFaFa Wed 06-Feb-13 09:42:41

ds1's (7) has possible sn (sensory seeking, possible others awaiting referral) he seems to have allergy problems too, since he was 2/3 hes had a year round runny nose and sore eyes. His nose is always green on one side i thought maybe a dust allergy as its all year, we have no pets, hes tried 2 antihistamines that didnt do anything and doctors hoped he would grow out of it but hasnt most recently hes had nasonex spray that worked for a week and then stopped doing anything, gp said if this didnt work then he would be referred to ENT but any ideas what could cause this? his optician seen scaring on the corneas of both eyes but didnt know what was causing it possible allergy. He also develops hives badly in the sunlight on any skin uncovered, anti histamine used to work for this but seems to less each year, anyone have much experiance of allergies etc like this? poor lad seems uncomfortable year round.

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