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Spotty rash around 19mo mouth - eczema?

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sleepcrisis Tue 05-Feb-13 09:38:40

Hmm good idea. I'm hoping gp will refer for allergy testing without too long a wait - we have insurance. Also the Puritan might give us a night asleep! Just moved house and sleeping atrociously!!thanks for the replies. I really, really hope he's not allergic to peanuts sad

neolara Mon 04-Feb-13 22:47:41

I would give him some antihistamine (piriton) and see what happens. My dd is allergic to peanuts and tiny traces can set a reaction as you describe - tiny pimples around her mouth. They stay for a couple of days, sometimes alongside big dark sunken eye sockets (like she has two black eyes). However, they disappear pretty quickly with piriton.

MagicBaguette Mon 04-Feb-13 15:54:57

I'd take him to the GP - they will be very unlikely to give out steroid after steroid to a toddler.

They may arrange allergy testing, which sounds like it may be necessary. And if not, they will be able to give you a suitable cream - don't use any more creams which have been prescribed specifically for him.

It does sound like eczema or and irritated rash though to me.

Maybe take him along to a pharmacy if you can't get a doc's appointment soon as they will be able to give you some good advice.


sleepcrisis Mon 04-Feb-13 08:25:36

Hi all

I hope you can help. DH has severe eczema and has done since birth. Until now, we were convinced we had escaped it with DS. He has always had beautifully clear skin.

For the last 2-3 weeks he has had a sore chin, very dry but not inflamed or itchy. He doesn't seem to notice it although more recently has winced when I wipe his face. Over the last week it has got worse each day, and spottier. The original dry patch hasn't really got any bigger but the spots (almost like pimples) are rising up his cheeks and this morning he had a v small dry patch on his eyebrow.

It seems late for him to develop a food allergy. He is a bit of a milk monster but has been on cows for 7 months with no previous problem.

I initially though it was the cold weather combined with dribble rash, but am getting anxious he has inherited his dad's allergies (dairy particulaly and some nuts) He does dribble a lot but hes not one of those kids that is constantly wet around the mouth.

A few weeks ago he had peanut butter for the second time but hasn't had it since. (first had it about 6 months ago, no probs) Am racking my brains really to find a link and this is the closest I can come up with but its a long shot. Also he has been wearing a lot of wool jumpers and DH wondered if it was rubbing on his chin.

Am not keen on going to gp as with DH they have just dished out steroid after steroid. At first we had some success with Oilatum but not so much any more. tried Diprobase for a week but rash seemed to get worse.

Any ideas/alternative creams?

thanks in advance

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