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Nutramigen 2 Lipil Powder

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LondonCalling74 Sat 02-Feb-13 18:36:26

Yes they may well try and fob you off. The problem we had until we saw a paediatric allergy specialist is that many GPs and indeed regular paediatricians just aren't experienced enough in dealing with the range of food allergies and the different ways in which they can present. Even the paediatrician we saw at our local hospital in London admitted herself that I probably knew more about food allergies (I doubt it). Unless they keep up with the latest research and recommendations then they simply aren't well placed to offer good advice. I'm sure some do but it's such a specialist area. The NICE guidelines were brought in to try and deal with some of this but it's clear from many of the posts on here that they still fall short of ensuring satisfactory care for many children. Unfortunately it took moving overseas for us to receive what I'd describe as proper support. I hope it has changed by the time we move back.

joshuaamelia Sat 02-Feb-13 11:48:27

thanks everyone, her skin broke out again this morning, her bottle was pretty much half and half. Decided to take her straight to the docs but was closed so went to speak to the chemit. They wouldn't give me different formula on minor ailments so putting her back on the wysoy for the weekend and gonna get an emergancy appointment for Monday, so stressful having a wee one with allergies I'm having to learn to really stand up to the docs because if you let them they'll fob you off with anything is so frustrating.

SuburbanMomma Fri 01-Feb-13 22:03:03

That must be relatively new as I think Nutramigen only had one available a couple of years ago.

Mumoftaiba Fri 01-Feb-13 21:48:02

You need nutramigen aa lipil that is the hypoallergenic one has no milk protein in it. My dd is on this one it is horrible but it suits her as soon as she has anything else her skin also breaks out. Ask the dr for it hopefully he will give it to you just be persistent. Good luck smile

SuburbanMomma Fri 01-Feb-13 21:18:51

Yes you can be. Nutramigen still contains milk proteins but they have been hydrolyzed to a point where most milk allergic children can tolerate them. The alternative we we given a few years ago if my son hadn't tolerated it (he never had it in a bottle, just on cereal) was Neocate as its an amino acid based formula and truly hypoallergenic. But be warned, Neocate is more expensive so your GP may be reluctant to prescribe so you may need to stand your ground.

joshuaamelia Fri 01-Feb-13 20:51:17

Hi, does anyone know if you can be allergic to Nutramigen 2 finally won the battle with GP to get a Prescription because of my worries about giving her soy formula. I only picked it up today her 1st bottle was 1 scoop Nutramigen 6 scoops soy, 2nd bottle 2 scoops Nutramigen 5 scoops soy as dietician advised weaning her onto it to help her accept the new taste. She has a long list of allergies which seems to be ever increasing and after her bottle closely followed by dinner she took a reaction I double checked the ingredients of everything I fed her and there was nothing that I know she is allergic too, now just given her bedtime bottle (slightly stronger on the Nutramigen) and her chin and cheeks have come out in a red rash and she's got little red spots on her lips too. Has anyone else experienced this, I thought you couldn't be allergic to this formula thats why I fought hard to get it for her.

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