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6 month old to commence elemental diet...any one else experienced this?

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Notquiteinsane Thu 31-Jan-13 14:23:13

So, DS is now 6 months and has ongoing reflux issues. Bad reactions to any dairy products I eat, so haven't even attempted to give him anything dairy related directly. Is generally not a happy bunny and weaning just isn't happening.
Saw paediatric GI specialist yesterday who was actually really helpful. Basically, the plan is to try an elemental diet for 2-3 weeks to see if anything improves. If not, then they want to do an endoscopy and barium swallow. The thought of which doesn't make me particularly happy, BUT has been award slog and I think both my poor DS is suffering along with his 2yr old sister who has had to put up with me spending most spare minute trying to make him comfortable.
Just wondering what an elemental diet entails as I assume it will be an overhaul for me as I'm not sure i want to stop breastfeeding in case that isn't the problem(plus the idea of getting up during the night to make bottles fills me with dread.) Awaiting call from dietician to get things started, but want to be prepared and get quests ready to make it all as quick as possible!
Any experience of endoscopy / barium swallow would be appreciated too!

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