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CMPI in nealry 6month old...could he be reacting to Nutramigen?

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Notquiteinsane Fri 11-Jan-13 18:54:13

Sorry if this rambles...want to make sure I include everything, but there isn't a logical order to it all!
My DD, now 2 has a know CMPI and remains dairy free but tolerates soya products now.
My DS is nearly 6 months and after 6 weeks of perfect, sleepy, settled baby, he began exhibiting reflux symptoms (extreme fussing during and after feeding, acidic breath, arching his back and screaming etc) also very congested nose. It was the congestion that prompted the GP to suggest going dairy free, so I embarked on a dairy free diet and although his symptoms didn't disappear, they lessened and his congestion did ease. Then I accidental had half of my DH'S coffee that had milk in it...back to screaming and arching for 24hr. So, confirmed that. Also now on 20mg omeprazole and 1.5mg ranitadine three times a day. Still fusses when he feeds and after, but I have got used to it.
Attempting to tentatively wean as this helped my DD dramatically...not easy as he is reacting to most fruit and isn't that interested. Expressing just doesn't happen with a toddler around, plus DS doesn't sleep any length of time, so the evening isn't really an option either. So, Dr prescribed Nutramigen to use in food. Have also started giving him a bottle when he wakes at 9.30/10pm as returning to work is looming on the horizon and also of I were to go out (shock horror) I would be able to leave him. This is where my confusion is...he had flu over Christmas and New Year and so was unwell and congested anyway, then started Nutramigen on the 5th Jan. Only taking 2oz , 4 Max and 1oz in morning porridge. Poo's smell foul, like rancid acidic milk. But having been on it a week, he developed an all over rash. GP said it was post viral, but my gut feeling is that it is the milk. He is still SO congested aswell. Rash went this morning, but last night he refused bottle and threw up the mouthful he had had. So tried giving him some during the day to watch for a reaction and sure enough his cheeks and round his eyes were red and blotchy.
Basically, I am wondering if anyone has experience of babies reacting to such a small about of what is nearly dairy free milk? I am also concerned that it may be more than just dairy he is reacting, but can't restrict my diet much more!
Sorry this was a big ramble and I hope some of it makes sense smile Thanks in.advance!

Turniphead1 Fri 11-Jan-13 19:02:13

Hi there. It's hard to know but I can tell you that Nutramigin poos are always rancid and often green. You should have been warned that would happen.

As dr says congestion etc may be unconnected. In any event, I would get a referral to your hospital allergy team. I would also ask your GP for a prescription for Neocate. AFAIK the protein in it is much more broken down, it's better tolerated and less horrible. The GP might not be happy as its more expensive. I once had to buy a tin and nearly passed out.

Good luck. If it helps - my eldest had a severe milk and egg allergy. But my younger two were kept dairy free and have no allergies whatsoever.

mmmmsleep Fri 11-Jan-13 19:10:09

Hi worth trying neocate in this situation ime. Some more sensitive children will react to nutramigen as some altered cmp in it. Doesn't nec need referral to allergy clinic if settles on that as cmp can be managed by gp. If still signs of allergy on neocate may need referral for skin prick tests to check for soya egg etc. Good to ask to be referred to paeds dietician as you might need advice re weaning, snacks, appropriate milks etc.

Notquiteinsane Fri 11-Jan-13 21:38:14

Thanks for that, I think I will def push for dietician/allergist referral and Neocate. My DD has just finished a 6 week trial of the older version (Neocate Active) so is a shame I can't just use up her leftovers.Fortunately already have a paeds GI referral, but our 1st appointment back in November was useless. Due to go back end of the month, so want to go armed with lists and questions.
Another thing I forgot to ask...DS rubs his face/eyes A LOT. Even at night in his sleep. I had read it is a symptom of reflux, but don't want to go in there guns blazing with a load of made up links... smile Has anyone else experienced this?

JoleneB Sat 12-Jan-13 12:31:47

Hi, it's absolutely possible to react to extensively hydrolised formula, especially for ebf babies who react to cmp through breast milk.
Go strait back to your GP and ask for an amino acid formula, nutramigen aa or neocate lcp, you should also ask for a referral to a dietitian (you can self refer if your GP won't refer you, but your appointment may take some time as you'll be at the back of the queue) and GI specialist and allergist.

Unfortunately many GP's have no clue about allergies, in particular non-IgE, I run a non profit organisation for CMPA, we aim to get our members the help they are entitled too, please come and join us on face book, the CMPA support group thread on here has the links.

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