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Baby allergic to milk?

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HellesBelles396 Thu 10-Jan-13 22:34:46

You must be very worried and you were right to seek medical advice. If at any time, his lips swell or if he appears breathless or wheezy, dial 999 as this may indicate anaphylaxis.

Keeping a food and symptom diary, showing dates and times, would help the GP determine what's going on.

If the blotching was a rash, it's definitely an allergy. An intolerance usually has just digestive symptoms such as cramping, bloating, sickness and diarrhoea. However, if the blotching was more like flushing, it may be associated with the pain of stomach cramping which would fit with the timeline of an intolerance. If the blotching recurs, take a couple of photos to show the GP.

Both allergies and intolerances can increase in severity with increased exposure so avoid the baby porridge.

This is definitely something to keep on top of with your GP and/or health visitor.

amazingmumof6 Thu 10-Jan-13 22:34:46

yes, symptoms appearing within 48 hours would suggest it could be milk intolerance/allergy.

try pure baby rice instead for now.

it's either the sugar (lactose) or the protein (casein) in the milk he reacted to. I can't remember which they could grow out of as the gut matures - I think it's lactose intolerance we hear more about.

I think oats contain gluten so he could have had a reaction to that.

I recommend the following book "What should I feed my baby?" by Suzanah Olivier, very good advice and explanation on nutrition, allergies, when to introduce what food and why, and excellent menu plans that are not based on dairy and wheat (or gluten).

if he has the blotchy skin again take a photo!

start a food diary, note what he eats, when how much and if there's a reaction - you might find a pattern.

ask gp to refer you to a nutritionist

it's probably too early to do blood tests, but I'd find out about allergy testing options

melonribena Thu 10-Jan-13 20:12:25

My baby is 5 months old and pretty much ebf. He had about 5 bottles of formula in the first few weeks of life and has had the odd bit recently as we encourage him to take a bottle. He's never had any reaction from it. (Except for not liking the taste!!)

We started weaning last Thursday and he had a bowl of baby porridge on thurs, fri and sun. All fine! When we woke on Monday morning his face was covered with hot red blotches. It was nowhere else on his body. It went within an hour and by the time we went to the docs there was no sign. The doc suspected a milk allergy. I used water to make the porridge but there's skimmed milk in the ingredients of the porridge. It seemed strange that the reaction happened 16 hours after eating.

I decided to try again with the porridge this morn and this time the blotches appeared straight after eating. They went after 45 mins again.

He was fine all day until I had my tea - bacon and scrambled eggs - and gave him a bf. his face came up in blotches straight after the bf even though he'd eaten nothing except breastmilk. I was concerned I had egg residue on my hands maybe?

Anyway, the whole thing is confusing. Does it sound like a milk allergy or intolerance? What should I do? Thanks

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