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Reflux or allergies?!

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sipper Fri 11-Jan-13 21:10:49

Is there a cranial chiropractor nearby too? (I rate cranial chiropractors over cranial osteos for reflux - but that's just my experience). Arching back and screaming are commonly seen with reflux as it's pretty uncomfortable for the baby. Hope he gets some relief soon. (And you too!).

ZoFipps Fri 11-Jan-13 15:55:28

Thanks for your replies. Yeah there's the arching of his back & screaming g every now & again but in general when he's sick it just comes out with no warning. I've heard the term "happy spitter" which I suppose could apply to him but the amount he brings up is much more than just spit-up.

I've changed his formula a few times already so am a bit reluctant to do that again. But I'm going to look into cranial osteopathy I think. After your suggestion I googled it & there's a practice in my city that offer it.

I just want him to be comfy! I do think he's teething at the minute so I'm kinda hoping the return of vomiting is just temporary...everything crossed!

Thanks again.


sipper Thu 10-Jan-13 10:54:44

Hi ZoFipps Poor you and your baby boy. So upsetting to see them like that.

A few questions: Are there any other symptoms? Is he arching his back? Is he crying? Does anything improve if you keep him upright after feeds?

In the immediate term my thoughts are 1) HIPP Organic formula (I know of a few reflux/vomiting babies it has worked for) 2) Take your baby to a cranial chiropractor - someone who is experienced in looking after babies should be able to determine whether any digestive and/or nervous system issues that they can help sort. My first and third both had reflux which was sorted by cranial chiropractor very quickly.

Best wishes and I hope your little boy feels comfy soon.

AnyaKnowIt Wed 09-Jan-13 20:42:35

Hi, my dd had reflux and she was on the SMA staydown. To be honest nothing really worked for her reflux, it was just something that she grew out off.

Has the dosage gone up with his weight?

Good luck with the referral

ZoFipps Wed 09-Jan-13 12:46:28

Hi, this is my first post on here & I could really do with some advice. My baby boy started bringing up feeds at 3 weeks, after numerous visits to the doctors we were prescribed gaviscon which helped for a couple of weeks but the vomiting returned, we then tried c&g comfort milk, ok for a couple of weeks then vomiting came back. Anyway we have now tried 4 different formulas, went back to gaviscon for a while & tried ranitidine all to no avail!

Around a month ago I stopped all medication & switched to aptamil anti-reflux formula which was initially a godsend! He would spit up a normal amount a couple of times each day but not the huge amounts he had been vomiting previously! He is now 18 weeks old & the vomiting has made a very unwelcome return...constant vomiting between feeds & a return to nightwaking.

I did manage to beg a referral to a specialist from my doctor but that isn't until next month. I'm now unsure whether it is reflux or an allergy/intolerance...has anyone else experienced this?

I'll add that he's always gained weight since birth & was sleeping through from 7 weeks.

Thanks for any advice you can offer


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