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Cleaning for dust mite sensitivity...advice/ experience needed

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Leafmould Mon 07-Jan-13 20:41:17

this sort of thing?

GlobalDisaster Mon 07-Jan-13 12:08:59

I'd buy a commercial cleaner with a bag. We use them at work and I swear they don't emit any dust whatsoever.Also the bag keep it contained. Try contacting the British Asthma association.
Also cushions and pillows can be put in freezer to kill mites.
Re steam it might create a moist environment for some bugs.

Leafmould Mon 07-Jan-13 00:10:32

Hi everyone, not sure if this has been done recently but am really struggling with making the whole house good for my dd.

I have reduced the amount of carpet in the house and now have a mixture of painted boards, laminate, washable rugs and carpets.

What is the best tool for keeping the lot of them clean? Steam mop would be good, but is it ok on painted boards, and is there one you can use on carpet?

What about hoovers? Which is best?

And has anybody found that blinds is really better than curtains? I wash them every 2 months, is that enough?

Any other tips? I am not the best housekeeper and I really want to improve for my dd sad

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