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What's the law about providing information about ingredients of pre-packaged foods?

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babybarrister Sun 06-Jan-13 21:40:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JoleneB Sun 06-Jan-13 14:57:19

when you say pre-packaged do you mean that it is sold with a label on it, packed by the manufacturer, or is it bought in bulk and then packaged by the butcher?
if it's packed and labeld by the manufacture for sale to the public it should have all ingredients listed, if it's sold to wholesalers to be sold loose, by weight then they do not have to provide ingredients by law at the moment, but this will change when the new law comes in to force in 2014.

Hope this answers your question, if your still not sure have a look on the food standards website wink

greenbananas Sun 06-Jan-13 14:30:19

I was wondering, is it okay to sell pre-packaged food if you are not able to provide a list of ingredients?

The reason I am asking is that I bought some sausagemeat in my local butcher's shop on Friday and, although he couldn't give me a list of ingredients, he assured me it was exactly the same meat that's used in the catering sausages we usually buy from him. His suppliers didn't provide him with a list of ingredients, but this is what they told him. When I opened the packet, it smelled different (as though it had onions in it). I've stuck it in the freezer for now, and won't cook for DS with it until I'm absolutely sure about what it contains.

I don't want to get my local butcher into trouble, as he is a lovely bloke who has always been very helpful in the past and has taken a personal interest in my DS. I'm going to ask him for the phone number of his suppliers, but would love to know the legal position before I ring them.

Can anyone help?

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