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Allergic rash for 4-5 days - how soon after antihistamine would you expect it to disappear?

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AngelDog Fri 04-Jan-13 23:43:28

3 y.o. DS1 has had what the GP said is an allergic reaction rash. It's all over his back, half his stomach, some of his arms and face, especially his cheeks, eyelids & a bit under his eyes. It's not swollen up (though he has had one of those sort of reactions before). Neither is it normal hives, which is the sort of reaction he normally gets. I'm trying to work out what could have caused it.

He'd had the rash for 4-5 days before I gave him AHs and it hasn't gone down very much now after 4 doses of Piriton in the last 1.5 days. Is that normal - or does it suggest that he's still eating/touching whatever it is that's causing it?

His most severe reaction to date (substance unknown, though possibly sesame) disappeared within 24 hours of giving Piriton. Normally hives etc clear up within an hour or two.

shelsco Fri 04-Jan-13 23:55:22

That seems like a long time to have reaction like that unless he is repeatedly eating whatever it is. My ds has only ever had skin reactions that last a maximum of 24- 48 hours. Only other allergic reaction I've seen lasted 2 days. Sorry, I know I'm not much help really! If it hasn't gone after another day of AH I think I would be ringing/ going back to GP. Do you see a dietician or allergy specialist(not that there seem to be many of them!)

loubielou31 Sat 05-Jan-13 00:09:24

My DD has just been given a course of antibiotics because she had scratched the excema patch on her arm so much it had become infected and the infection has caused a rash all over her arms on her chest, stomach and back.
Well I took her to the doctors because she had a wierd rash and that was the explanation I was given, the rash has gone now and did pretty soon after starting the course of medicine.
I would take your son back to the GP if it still isn't gone.

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