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New to dairy free. Hold my hand!

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PickledMoomin Wed 02-Jan-13 19:01:12

New year, new start. Have been advised to trial DS (3) on a dairy free diet for a month.

I'm going to try him with Tesco own brand multigrain hoops and Quakers sachet with golden syrup. I can't find any dairy protein ingredient in them- does anyone know if they are safe?

I was told that Helman's mayo was dairy free but there is a cream powder in it. I've bought a Heinz one.

Can anyone recommend a gravy?

PickledMoomin Sun 06-Jan-13 18:35:46

Would have been useful to have seen a dietician before starting. Will see what the consultant suggests.

He ate lactose free cheese for dinner on toast. I had a nibble and it wasn't too bad

PickledMoomin Fri 11-Jan-13 20:41:12

What a difference a week makes!

He's still sleeping through (still feel exhausted) and his appetite is amazing.

He had lots of loose stools so I've stopped the movicol. Is this too soon? He went to the toilet today and was fine. Normally after two days without movicol he's crying and uncomfortable.
This can't be coincidental, can it?

monkeymamma Sat 12-Jan-13 14:11:55

Ds (now 11mo) was having bad problems with his bowel around 4,5,6 months and we tried dairy (then soya, then egg) free diet (first for me as he was ebf, then for him once he weaned iyswim). We still don't know for sure but assume he was suffering from intolerance (interestingly the blood allergy tests didn't show any actual allergies, but the paed said could still be intolerance). We are now reintroducing although numerous colds, viruses and bouts of d and v over winter have delayed this a bit so for the time being he still does without all those foods as do I while still bf. Early on I asked to be referred to a dietician and she is wonderful. She is happy for us to call her any time with questions, worries etc and she provided excellent checklists to help with label checking etc. as well as recipes and meal ideas. I would definitely, definitely recommend you ask to see one if you think the dairy free diet is making a difference.

Ds has never tasted cheese so doesn't miss it, but he has lots of ham, hummus, banana and bread with pure (sunflower). He also likes peanut butter although I don't let him have too much! Meal ideas - there are loads of great recipes online you can try huge other day I made a cheese less lasagna which was surprisingly tasty! He likes trout pasta (just smoked trout cooked with courgette, mushrooms and olive oil then mixed with pasta) and today tried lamb mince bolognaise. Oat milk makes a great white sauce, coconut milk is ace for Thai style dishes including rice pudding (mix coconut milk, pudding rice, sugar and cardamom pods and cook for about an hour), yum. Tesco also sell a chocolate oat milk in their uht milk section which you can warm through to make hot chocolate. You can also use birds custard powder (the old fashioned kind, not instant powder which does contain milk) with eg coconut milk to make delicious custard. (Tis is more for me than ds as hes still not 1 yet, but I let him try it as a special treat!). I've found some great vegan bake recipes on line so plan to batch cook and freeze some cakes etc for him, eg mini carrot muffins.

Bread is one of the hardest as so many contain milk/soya but Waitrose stoneground whole meal is free of both and our favourite.

I can't comment at all about the movicol, definitely worth discussing with his doctor if you can. But I would say (ahem, tmi alert) that without dairy (and I used to be a cheese addict!) my, ahem, system, is a lot less sluggish (to use the euphemism favoured by constipation remedy adverts) than it used to be.

Whoa, long post! But I hope some of it is helpful!

monkeymamma Sat 12-Jan-13 14:17:23

Oh and co yo coconut milk yogurts are amazing! Ds can't get enough, they are lovely and full fat which is great if you are worried about making up enough calories and have no added sugar. They are expensive and we have to order them specially from our local health food shop but worth every penny and much tastier than soya yoghurt.

I also meant to say, obviously I can't comment at all on your ds as his problem is likely totally different to my ds so don't want to be pushy with advice or anything, but our dietician did mention that lacto free cheese etc is no good if the problem is cows milk protein rather than lactose, these products still contain cmp. But if you talk to a dietician they can help you loads with this stuff. Sorry, hope that did not sound too know-it-all on my part, just thought it was helpful to mention!

And it's great news your ds is feeling better. Mine is a different boy since we made the switch, so much more chilled and happy :-)

PickledMoomin Sat 12-Jan-13 17:54:26

Thank you so much for these suggestions. Makes a big difference to talk to others who are in the same situation.
I'll look into the cheese- and def try and see a dietician.

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