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Strange allergic reaction - solid lump on hand

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Sheilsie Wed 26-Dec-12 23:57:04

My 4 year old DD had a skin reaction this morning (probably to a xmas present pig outfit I let her try on, stupidly without washing it first) - red blotchy skin around her hands/arms and a flushed blotchy face, both of which are not uncommon for her after eating (any food, it often seems). But she also had something that has never happened before - a big solid lump on the palm of her hand where her thumb meets it. It was like a proper deformity, and probably about 1cm wide and 0.5cm high. I was so glad when it finally went away after piriton. She said it was sore and itchy. Has anybody ever seen this before? It was really quite strange. We're at the allergy clinic tomorrow (for the first time in 19 months - too many appointments cancelled by the hospital to count) and so I shall ask then too.

AloeSailor Thu 27-Dec-12 00:02:17

Insect bite?

MrsJourns Thu 27-Dec-12 00:41:39

Could be urticaria, my DH had this once in the middle of his forehead, started small and ended up about 10cm in diameter. That was 5 years ago and he's never had it since. If I remember correctly your body recognises the allergen and then produces too much antibody which causes the swelling. It doesn't mean you will always react this way, my DH is very allergic but has never reacted this way since.
You should definitely mention it to the doctor

Sheilsie Thu 27-Dec-12 22:17:46

Thanks AloeSailor and MrsJourns. Embarrassingly for me, it looks like the "big solid lump" where my DD's thumb meets her hand is just part of her hand! The consultant today said it was common to have a noticeable muscle there (although DD has it on only one hand). I think it had been more noticeable yesterday because it was swollen with DD's reaction and DD said it was sore and itchy. I'd never really inspected the palms of her hands before.

Very frustratingly we couldn't get skin prick tests done at clinic today due to having to give piriton yesterday. So we'll need to go back another time aargh!

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