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Help with feeding lactose intolerant 14 year old at sleepover please?

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rhondajean Sun 16-Dec-12 18:51:13

I've been pointe over here from chat, hoping you can help. I'm going to have one lactose intolerant guest at dd1s birthday sleep over. She has offered to bring her own food but I really don't want her to have to.

I'm planning to take them to a world buffet for lunch which I think will be ok, plenty of choice?

At night I was going to get pizza which I thought she can't eat although I've been told now I need to check as she may be able to eat cheddar. Can you suggest other teen friendly party foods that are likely to be okay for her please?

Thank you!

hev2010 Sun 16-Dec-12 18:56:47

I am lactose intolerant. World Buffet sounds fab with plenty of choice and at that age she will know what she can and can't eat.

Try this website for evening ideas, their products are available in most supermakets:

I am fine with cheese on pizza so might be worth asking her if she eats pizza.

Good luck.

rhondajean Sun 16-Dec-12 19:05:13

Oh that is so useful to know! Thank you.

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