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Any ideas on how to treat DD's eczema?

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OhWhatAPalaver Tue 11-Dec-12 18:31:12

DD is allergic or sensitive to several things and i'm trying to treat her eczema and dry skin but have been pretty unsuccessful so far. it's mild eczema so it's not causing her too much irritation but she is very dry all over her body.
we have tried countless ointments, emollients and creams but the either seem to make it worse or don't make any difference whatsoever! she is sensitive to parrafin and possibly anything that contains alcohol. she has a 1% hydrocortisone cream but i don't really like using it, even though it really does help, albeit temporarily.

i have tried veg oil after baths as she seems to be sensitive to anything chemically but it doesn't really help much. tried an organic shea butter and chamomile balm but that had little effect also.

does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this? i'm a bit stuck for ideas now! thanks folks smile

MrsJourns Tue 11-Dec-12 18:55:53

I have you tried oats? Wrap some up in a muslin square and leave it in the bath whilst it is running to let it infuse, then use it like a sponge to wash with. My cousins had eczema and this is how my aunt treated it when they were young, they now use the same on their kids. I think it's the protein in oats (avenalin?) that helps.

Maz007 Tue 11-Dec-12 19:04:50

On a related note we swear by aveeno baby which has the active ingredient in oats in it. DD wasn't helped by any of the emollients we were prescribed and like you hydrocortisone helped the symptoms but didn't get rid of them once we stopped using it and I didn't like to keep using it... Everyone's different but aveeno has all but got rid of DD's eczema other than mild flare ups when the weather changes or she develops a new allergy...

Maz007 Tue 11-Dec-12 19:06:39

We also notice a difference when she wears synthetic clothes or if we stray from her clothes-washing routine (surcare, no softener, extra rinse).

Wolfiefan Tue 11-Dec-12 19:09:43

Emollient on regularly? Slather her. My DC use Dermol. I use diprobase. Only hydrocortisone during a flare up. Dermol has an anti microbial which kills the itch.

DancingInTheMoonlight Tue 11-Dec-12 19:10:09

Coconut oil improved my Ds skin...

OhWhatAPalaver Tue 11-Dec-12 19:56:37

ah thanks for the replies. i'll get some of the aveeno and try the oats in a bag thing! i'm convinced it's something she eats that make her eczema worse but what exactly i have no idea..... very frustrating.

she has oat milk on her cereal as she is allergic to cows milk protein, never know oats were so versatile!

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