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Could this be CMPI in my 8 wk old?

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AngelDog Sun 09-Dec-12 22:03:05

8 w.o. EBF DS2 often passes wind which leaves a small smear of poo in his nappy. It upsets him and he cries or fusses until he's changed. He has red sore-looking patches on his bum cheeks where they touch each other. He has 2-5 of these minor soilings per awake time. When he's had a long fussy awake spell during an evening, he's dirtied an incredible number of nappies in this way.

The problem isn't that he needs to do a proper poo, as we do EC (pottying) and I give him the opportunity to poo every time I change his nappy. (If a proper poo is on the way, he'll do it in the potty when cued.)

He was like this from birth and I assumed it was just down to his immature digestive system and he'd grow out of it. Sure enough, it seemed to stop. But now it's back again. He's also had a few more 'curds' in his poo, whereas before it was uniformly coloured and smooth toothpaste-type appearance (only yellow of course).

I realised today that in the last few days I've been eating dairy again after a month's dairy-free trial for DS1 (who also bfs) and I wondered whether there might be a connection there.

He doesn't seem to have any reflux symptoms and generally seems to be a settled and happy baby, though these mini-poos do seem to bother him both when they're on the way and once he's done them.

Does it sound like symptoms of CMPI?

AngelDog Sun 09-Dec-12 22:47:11

I should also add that he coughs and splutters quite a bit when feeding. It was once every feed or two, but the last few days he's been doing it lots. I thought it was tongue-tie related (he had one snipped a few weeks ago), but it does seem to have increased a lot recently. AFAIK I don't have a fast letdown / oversupply and it doesn't necessarily happen at letdown.

I avoid soya, wheat and egg (among other things) due to my intolerances / DS1's allergies so I know none of those could affect his digestion.

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