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Dairy & egg free supermarket products - the big list!

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JoleneB Thu 13-Dec-12 11:39:36

facebook group, it's called CMPAsupport, but we have members with all sorts of food allergy combinations wink

JoleneB My DD is allergic to both the milk & soya protein. Been shopping to Sainsbury's this morning and it is so hard to buy stuff without either or both of the proteins in.

I'm struggling to figure out what to give her so it's still normal food iykwim. Also do you get any foods on prescription?

JoleneB Thu 13-Dec-12 08:03:40

Sheilsie, I was furious the packaging clearly says may contain traces of (the pack I bought actually said produced on a line that handles milk chocolate) milk, which is misleading, the fact that you have done what I did makes me feel much better! Nestle sent me a letter after I complained to them, the recipe changed in 2007, they use butterfat to stop the chocolate getting that white stuff on it! I'm glad your DD didn't react, I wouldn't worry too much, butterfat is highly processed, a bit like soya oil, so the milk protein is broken down, your DDs body probably doesn't see the protein that is left as a threat, my DD is very sensitive to both milk and soya protein although she is generally ok with trace amounts she's always reacted to soya Letchin and oil, which aren't classed as allergenic for the majority, she even reacted to the calcium in calcium syrup because its from milk sources (why they do that is beyond mehmm )
our group most definitely still exists, and anyone is welcome to join, I can't post a link as I'm on my phone, but if you go to the home page on our website and click on the picture of helping hands it should take you too it, you will need to request to join and either myself or one of the admins will accept you, and anyone else who wants to join wink

Sheilsie Wed 12-Dec-12 23:29:34

JoleneB, sorry, you're quite right about the After Eights. I hadn't realised (and don't know whether to be pleased that my DD didn't react or worried that I've not helped things by exposing her to dairy - or perhaps the recipe has changed because it was a year or two ago she last tried one). The allergen info (as per the Tesco website) says "may contains traces of milk protein" whereas butterfat is the 5th ingredient listed. Good luck with your complain to trading standards.

I like your CMPA website. Do you still have your facebook group (or did that get replaced altogether by the website) and, if so, it is possible to join?

JoleneB Wed 12-Dec-12 12:09:50

can I also add that nestle AFTER EIGHTS are definitely NOT DAIRY FREE!!! They contain butterfat, the label is misleading my daughter had a reaction to them just over a month ago, I'm in the process of making a complaint about it to trading standards angry

JoleneB Wed 12-Dec-12 12:06:44

I tried to do something like your doing here on a facebook group, but it ended up with things just getting lost down the page so we wrote a web site smile there's still more to put on but you guys might find it helpful.

there's also links to allergy UK's fact sheets on the management page as well as our own pdf's of milk and soya ingredients that need to be excluded for cows milk allergy grin

My DD2 who turns 1 on 22nd Dec had confirmed yesterday by Dietician that she has a Severe Cows Milk Allergy. It had been suspected about 4 weeks ago, so stripped of all milk products and was given a milk cracker yesterday which confirmed the allergy. Also possibility of Egg, Gluten & Wheat too.

So this thread is brilliant thank you.

Sheilsie Mon 10-Dec-12 22:48:39

Hi abigboydidit, sorry I wasn't trying to hijack your original thread or confuse people. I just took most of the items from your thread (which was 8 pages long and growing) and listed them altogether. Not sure what people want to do now re where to add new items. In my view it would be good if there was a central place the food products could all be listed together (and updated as people come up with new ones) but I'm not clever enough to know how!

abigboydidit Mon 10-Dec-12 22:21:46

Sorry - am confused! Are we scrubbing the old list now as I've still been adding to it confused

harverina Mon 10-Dec-12 09:24:39

Ah sorry I have been posting on the old thread today! Great list though, thanks very much. And after eights? Really? This is very very exciting! My DD has a nut allergy though and we have only ever given her kinnerton chocolate so Im not sure id have the guts to let her try and after eight, but good to know we can safely have them on the christmas dinner table!

trixymalixy Mon 10-Dec-12 09:06:20

Wow, good list Shielsie!!

Can I just add
Tesco basic mince pies
Green and black's hot chocolate powder
Bendicks mint crisps

Sheilsie Mon 03-Dec-12 18:08:50

Thanks for those Portlypenguin. Not having soya must be such a pain (we were soya-free 'just in case' until DD was about one, but she's fine with it fortunately). Here is another I've thought of today:
- Sainsburys reduced fat guacamole dip

I like to stir it through cooked pasta!

Portlypenguin Mon 03-Dec-12 09:26:35

I had some I was going to put on the other list - we are dairy and soya free here. Still hoping DS will grow out of it soon as it is tough to keep finding different things to give him!

- Tesco goodness pasta bolognaise (chilled ready meal)
- Tesco crumpets
- Potato scones
- Tesco english toasting muffins (wholemeal - white ones contain soya but not milk)
- Sainsburys own bakery gingerbread men
- For those who can have egg but not dairy: Helman's mayo (not tesco or sainsburys own)

Sheilsie Sun 02-Dec-12 19:13:25

You're welcome abigboydidit and Maz007! Although I have to admit that I didn't realise that the list was so big when I started ha ha (I realised part way through that I was only looking at page 1 of 8). We had Mr Kipling apple & blackcurrrant pies for pudding tonight for the first time ever. Yum! Who would have thought they would be dairy and egg free!

Maz007 Sun 02-Dec-12 13:24:16

Sheilsie thanks you are a legend. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who knew how many messages there were in the original thread and rubbed their hands when the number went up smile

abigboydidit Sat 01-Dec-12 21:56:03

Why thank you! This is excellent grin

Sheilsie Sat 01-Dec-12 21:40:16

Oops! Ignore my previous message. I meant to start it as a new thread!

Sheilsie Sat 01-Dec-12 21:37:16

My 4 year old DD's eczema is nowhere near as bad as it was when she was a baby, but her hands and wrists are really bad at the moment (no doubt partly down to the change in climate/central heating). I'm looking for advice on what to wash her hands with after she goes to the toilet and before meals. At the moment we're using standard Carex liquid hand soap but I'm sure that is probably adding to the problem. All suggestions much appreciated. Thanks

Sheilsie Sat 01-Dec-12 21:26:38

abigboydidit, thanks so much for starting your “Surprise dairy & egg free finds…” thread back in August (still being posted to a few days ago). I’ve got loads of good ideas from it. Who would have thought you could find a garlic bread that was dairy-free!

For ease of reference, I’ve put them altogether in a big list below but missed out those with egg in them, those that you would find in the “free from” aisle or similar and also those where I couldn’t verify the allergen information online (I’ve checked them all for sesame & nuts, as my DD is allergic to them as well as dairy & eggs) plus crisps (since the list could be endless). This meant missing off the Coop sausage roll bites and Coop jam/custard donuts (since I couldn’t find the allergen info online) although I am very excited by the thought of them!

I’ve included a few of my own, the most fun ones being dark chocolate Craisins and After Eights.

McVities Rich Teas
McVities Hobnobs
Sainsburys Digestives
McVities Digestives Light
McVities Ginger Nuts
Burtons Jammie Dodgers
Rivington Pink Panther wafer biscuits
Foxs party rings
Tesco bourbon cream biscuits
Lotus caramelized biscuits
Sainsburys Nice biscuits
Ogran mini outback animals cookies
Nairns dark chocolate chip oat biscuits
Nairns caramelised onion/chilli oaty bakes
Jacob’s cream crackers
Sainsburys hot cross buns
Warburtons fruit tea cakes
Warburtons raisin loaf with cinnamon
Warburtons crumpets
Warburtons toasting muffins
Soreen banana loaf
Soreen banana lunchbox loaves
Sainsburys Be Good To Yourself Christmas pudding
Mr Kipling apple & blackcurrant pies
Tesco Every Day Value plain chocolate
Fry’s chocolate cream
Nestle After Eight mints
Ocean Spray dark chocolate Craisins
Betty Crocker chocolate fudge brownie packet mix – but you’re supposed to add an egg!
Betty Crocker vanilla/chocolate buttercream style icing
Jus-Rol rolled puff pastry
Jus-Rol bake it fresh dough pain au chocolat
Jus-Rol croissants
New York Bakery Co bagels - plain/cinnamon&raisin/sesame*/onion/wholemeal /multi-seed*
Sainsburys Basics garlic bread
Cauldron adzuki bean kievs
Cauldron Moroccan kievs
Tesco bitesize southern fried chicken straws
Pot Noodle beef & tomato
Mattessons smoked pork sausage
Morrisons gnocci
Sacla sun dried tomato and garlic stir in sauce
Sacla chargrilled aubergine pesto**
Dolmio sun dried tomato stir in pasta sauce
Loyd Grossman bhuna curry sauce
Tesco/Sainsburys cocktail sausages
Linda McCartney sausage rolls
Linda McCartney original/rosemary vegetarian sausages
Linda McCartney deep country pie
Linda McCartney vegetarian mushroom & ale pie
Linda McCartney chilli non carne
Linda McCartney vegsaus Spanish stew
Kellogs Coco Pops

* Contains sesame
** Contains nuts

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