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1yo DD2 with rash lasting 4 weeks

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kellykettle Fri 30-Nov-12 08:17:29

DD2 developed what looked like hand foot and mouth about a month ago. It seemed to start with horrendous nappy rash and since then her skinq

kellykettle Fri 30-Nov-12 08:23:52

Sorry, DD2 helped post that.

Her skin around her nappy area looked like sun burn and the rash spread all over her body. Her face, arms, back, creases of elbows and legs. The GP said it was post-viral but now believes its an allergy and we have hydracortisone cream.

The rash on her neck is weeping now and her has made her skin bleed with scratching.

Lat night she ate dinner and shortly afterwards her right eye puffed up.

Can anyone offer any advice or share links? I'm just lost. GP doesn't seem worried which is good I guess but I am getting really upset about her poor skin and how to help her.

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