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Red skin under eyes

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chocolateshoes Fri 07-Apr-06 19:32:25

My DS who is 9 months sometimes gets red dry skin in the creased bit under his eyes (the same place as my bags!! It comes and goes but I can't put it down to any particular food reaction. He does have a bit of excema - mainly on the backs of his knees so I suppose it could be this. Any suggestions on what it is or what creams are suitable for the face? I use Aveeno on him at the moment with hydrocortsone for flare ups.

Witchycat Fri 07-Apr-06 19:34:52

My dd (15 months) has had a bad time lately with redness, sometimes spots, under eyes & around mouth. GP said it was eczma-like but not classic eczema. Hydro-cortisone didn't really work (& I didn't want to use it for long anyway)but moisturing at least 2x daily did.

We now have Diprobase on prescription - no steroids, just moisturiser and that seems to help loads.

SleepyJess Fri 07-Apr-06 19:36:55

That is a sign or an underlying food intolerence. You could experiment a bit by taking him off things and putting him back on them..

chocolateshoes Fri 07-Apr-06 19:37:22

Thanks Witchycat. Sm worried though about Diprobse as DS seemed to have a reaction to Diprobase when I put it on his legs.

chocolateshoes Fri 07-Apr-06 19:38:52

Thanks SleepyJess. Hmmmm where shall I start!?

SleepyJess Fri 07-Apr-06 19:40:53

Yes it's a pain. Something obvious like dairy perhaps? Give him a Infasoy for a while and stop him eating things with it in.. see what happens? This won't hurt him.

Witchycat Fri 07-Apr-06 19:40:54

Sleepjess - are you sure? I thought at first it was cow's milk as it started when she turned 1yr & we gave her cow's milk to drink. Because I thought there might be a link though, we took her off it & went back to formula -so she does still have lactose but no more than she was having for the between 6-12 months (she was totally b/f pre-6 months.

I haven't found a definate pattern between milk & her face looking worse so I discounted the idea.

Sorry for the semi-hijack Chocolateshoes - the answer might help us both I hope.

SleepyJess Fri 07-Apr-06 19:42:43

I know that skin colour changes around the eyes often indicate a food intolerence. It could be something quite minor though. Or even something 'external' used for washing.

chocolateshoes Fri 07-Apr-06 19:45:18

Hijack away!!!! Will perhaps try cutting out diary first then. He does have alot of cheese sauces. What is Infasoy?

SleepyJess Fri 07-Apr-06 19:47:00

A soya baby formula. Wysoy is another. You can get it from any chemist or decent sized supermaket alongside all the other formulas. My DS is still having it at 5! (Although only for his Weetabix). Buy a small tin tho.. then you won't waste much money if it's not a dairy intolerence..

chocolateshoes Fri 07-Apr-06 19:49:48

I wonder if it might be cream you know. The HV said to add cream & cheese to all his food to mke it more calorific as he had dropped from his centile line.

chocolateshoes Fri 07-Apr-06 19:51:20

Will also get some soya formula - although he only has it for breakfast as he is b/fed

hermykne Fri 07-Apr-06 19:51:55

chocolate shoes
try adding flax seed oil to his diet(1/2 tsp to his dinner) and using marigold cream. but natural remedies and have certainly helped my dd's skin.

SleepyJess Fri 07-Apr-06 19:54:16

My DS was so allergic to dairy that the dairy I ate/drank affected him via the breastmilk! This is fairly rare tho I think. I came off dairy against medical advice and DS went from being a baby covered in red bloody, weeping eczema ALL OVER his body except his nappy area to a child with no visible patches, within 1 week!

The eye area reaction is quite a minor one, so it could perhaps be a reaction to just the dairy he is having a breakfast.

Worth a try.

SJ x

chocolateshoes Fri 07-Apr-06 20:12:35

Thanks everyone for your advice. I'll try & find some flax oil & experiment with the dairy. Fingers crossed!

chocolateshoes Sat 08-Apr-06 14:13:39

Added flax seed oil to DS's lunch & hve some Calendula cream to try see we'll see if his skin improves. Any other tips?

Witchycat Sat 08-Apr-06 19:52:34

Well done getting the flax seed oil so quickly. Is it available in most health food shops?

chocolateshoes Sun 09-Apr-06 12:40:24

I think it is reasonably easy to get hold of. I've got capsule so I just cut off the end & add the contents to his lunch. Our local pharmacy has fantstic homeopath who also said it was worth a go. Am worried again cos he woke up this morning with very red face so have tried calendula. Luckily it doesn't seem to itch him. Thanks for your advice by the way!

jabberwocky Sun 09-Apr-06 13:24:00

In the meantime you could try jojoba oil or Burt's Bees apricot oil on the skin.

chocolateshoes Sun 09-Apr-06 13:26:53

Thanks Jabberwocky I'll get them in as well. I'll try anything!

jabberwocky Sun 09-Apr-06 13:30:27

Good luck! And, if it's any help at all, ds was intolerant of dairy in my bm but then outgrew it at about 18 months.

FluffyMummy123 Sun 01-Jul-07 17:41:13

Message withdrawn

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