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Peace Lillies & Allergic Reaction

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MrsBigD Thu 29-Nov-12 22:57:37

Thanks Bilbomum smile

I seem to be better when not in the office which is probably an indication that there's somethinger there to set me off.

Was finish this morning and now after approx 30 mins in the office I'm starting to Steptoe cough (love that comparison!grin) again...

Bilbomum Thu 29-Nov-12 08:37:50

DS and I both allergic to peace lillies - no coughing but lots of sneezing and eye watering. I also used to work with someone who was the same so not that unusual I think.

Can they be removed temporarily? It's probably the easiest way to test (and maybe your colleagues would be grateful for a respite from the Steptoe cough.. grin )

MrsBigD Thu 29-Nov-12 00:35:49

Hi All,

thought maybe somebody on here might be able to help... my GP is a bit at a loss!

I've had this persistent cough that sounds like I've got a 60 fags a day habit. However, I don't wink I gave up smoking yonks ago. Sometimes dry sometimes 'productive'... [yuck]

Anyhow, I've been on prednisone (which helps a little), antibiotics (which help with the colour of the phlegm, sorry if tmi), inhalers (which just interrupt the coughing process but don't really cure), asthma testing (I don't have it - peak flow of 114%!)...

On days I'm not in the office, my cough seems to be less, and yesterday (day off) I was positively not coughing up a lung or two. Back in the office today I'm coughing like mad again...

my office is lovely and/but we have a gazillion of blooming peace lillies which I think might be the culprit... my gp isn't sure though... anybody know of a test for it?

Thanks for any insights!

Cheers thanks


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