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Lactose Intolerance?

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Amanda01 Wed 05-Apr-06 21:10:49

Hi everyone, i'm after some advice!!

Long story short ... my son Daniel (nearly 20 months) has been poorly for well over a month, he had a cold, then a tummy bug, then diahorrea for a good 3 weeks. We went to the doctor & he thought Daniel might have a temporary lactose intolerance brought on by the tummy bug ... he advised keeping him off all dairy products until he was better. We went about a week without any dairy, then i thought i'd try him with some cheese. The next day he got sick again ... he was sick, got a temperature ... and today he's been sick 3 times & eaten practically nothing

Has anyone had any experience with this? Should i cut out all dairy again? It seems like a pretty severe reaction, which is worrying me. Maybe he's got a milk allergy now? Or maybe he just caught another bug?? I'm at my wits end to be honest, i just want my baby boy to be healthy again, but he's in a bad way right now

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!


bettythebuilder Wed 05-Apr-06 21:24:59

Sounds like you have nothing to lose by cutting out all dairy from his diet. Just make sure you steer clear of all the hidden things, and check labels carefully. There are some v good non dairy alternatives around ie pure spread and Swedish Glace ice cream, so he doesn't miss out.

bettythebuilder Wed 05-Apr-06 21:27:31

Just to add that cutting out all dairy might not be necessary for very long - my friends dd had this a few months ago, and after a few dairy free weeks she could tolerate lactose again. That had been caused by a virus, as well.

Amanda01 Thu 06-Apr-06 09:39:18

Thanks hun I think i do need to read labels more, he's not had dairy since Sunday, and he's still quite poorly!! I phoned the doctor again this morning, he's calling back soon!! Sigh, i wish i could help him, i feel useless!!


MamaG Thu 06-Apr-06 09:42:22

When my DD has a bug she just can't shake off, i cut dairy from her diet for a few weeks then gradually re-introduce it. It always works for me and she happily goes for long periods eating dairy products.

She's 6 1/2 now and we've done this since she was 2.

Amanda01 Thu 06-Apr-06 12:39:54

Oh right ... so she DOES get back to normal eventually? Thats a comfort at least!!

When you say you cut dairy ... how far do you go with this? I was reading a few boxes of his normal food, and even his usual cereal has 'milk powder' in it!!


bettythebuilder Thu 06-Apr-06 12:59:55

I'm Lactose intolerant, and I have to cut out everything - watch out for lactose, cesein, whey powder, milk powder, etc atc. You find it in some very peculiar things!

bettythebuilder Thu 06-Apr-06 13:02:35

oops, should be "casein"
Also caseinates and hydrolysed casein, cream,curds,whey protein concentrate and yoghurt.

MamaG Thu 06-Apr-06 13:11:04

I tend to replace milk with soya milk and not give her cheese, yoghurts etc. I replace it with sheeps milk or goats milk stuff where I can, which seems fine. I certainly don't check every single packet of food, so little bits may slip through the net, but it works for us.

Amanda01 Thu 06-Apr-06 13:15:40

Thanks for all that!! I'll write it down!! I think i'll take this seriously & cut out everything ... that way, if he still doesn't get better, i'll know its not that.


rubies Fri 21-Apr-06 11:13:44

just found out daughter is dairy and soya intolerant. she is 4 months old. she has nutromigen but never satisfied thinking of introducing solids into her diet. any advice

rubies Fri 21-Apr-06 11:13:44

just found out daughter is dairy and soya intolerant. she is 4 months old. she has nutromigen but never satisfied thinking of introducing solids into her diet. any advice

Amanda01 Sun 30-Apr-06 09:45:26

Oh wow Rubies, that is difficult!! I'd suggest starting a new thread about it, as i'm sure nobody else is looking at this thread!!

I'm sure she will need some supplements of some sort ... i hope somebody can help!!


threebob Sun 30-Apr-06 10:08:07

I'm reading - with an allergic child I wouldn't introduce solids at 4 months. Her formula will have all the calories and nutrients she needs until her gut is ready for solids at 6months. You could trigger even more allergies by bringing in solids and they wouldn't have as many calories anyway. Just give her more formula if she isn't satisfied. Often allergic babies are most grizzly - so don't assume that grizzly is not satisfied.

Chandra Tue 02-May-06 00:16:11

Rubies, I would recommend to wait too. Better for the gut and far easier for you, as most alternatives to milk are soya based.

bresha Thu 18-May-06 17:02:58

My dd is lactose intolerant and she has rice milk and sma lf , there are plenty products out there for people who cant tolerate milk, it can be very hard at first having to read labels and telling people not to give your child certain things, but you get used to it and it becomes no bother, I can now go shopping and hardly have to look at labels because iv looked so many times before I already know if it has it in, most intolerances in young children are only short term so I would suggest waiting a few weeks to a month and then slowly reintroduce milk in small portions so u can monitor there reaction.
As long as there is plenty of smiles and giggles it really doesn’t matter if your baby can’t have certain foods

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