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Multiple allergies and breastfeeding - how long to carry on?

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MayfairMummy Tue 20-Nov-12 11:43:33

DS2 (8 months) was diagnosed with CMP several months ago by the paediatric gastroenterologist. By that stage, I'd already figured it out, and had almost completely cut out dairy from my diet (occasional butter on bought sarnies, etc). He said that the best thing to do was to b/f for at least 1 year (preferably 2) as it increased the chance that DS2 would grow out of his allergies.
Yesterday we saw the allergy specialist, where DS2 tested instant positive to CMP, eggs, nuts. Specialist also said to avoid soy until we're certain (could be delayed reaction). Allergy specialist said give up breastfeeding immediately and just use Neocate. Also suggested to avoid legumes until all symptoms have gone and i can do a food challenge

So my question is, do I keep breastfeeding (and not eat any soy/CMP/eggs/nuts/legumes myself - made more difficult because we're a pescatarian household (vegetarian plus fish) - or do I just call it quits and move on to neonate? And does that answer change if I'm pregnant?

OHforDUCKScake Thu 22-Nov-12 14:11:33

Thanks for the replies. Very different!

He had his calcium tested recently which was great. He'll be needing annual blood tests so I think I might keep an eye on his calcium levels that way, giving them too much is as bad for them as not giving them enough.

So hard to know whats right!

MayfairMummy Thu 22-Nov-12 14:12:27

Bilbo ... DS1 is allergy free and always tracked 25% for weight. DS2 is same height/length, full of allergies, and tracking the 75% for weight. Who knows? (tho he drop from 90th to 75th early in the piece)..

armedtotheteeth Thu 22-Nov-12 14:21:29

Don't give up bf - awful advice!

Dd1 was allergic to cmp egg and peanuts. Giving up cmp myself had an amazing effect on her excema. Can't actually remember whether I gave up egg or not confused

Anyway I bf until 13 months then she started on soy formula which she loved and caused her no problems. Was never advised to cut out soya.

She grew out of the cmp and egg allergies but as far as we know is still allergic to peanuts aged 5 (they don't retest often as only 20% ever grow out of it).

Hope this.helps!

armedtotheteeth Thu 22-Nov-12 14:24:06

Ps. I was told most children grow out of milk and egg allergies by the time they start school. Managing nut allergy on its own is a doddle (in comparison!) grin

messtins Thu 22-Nov-12 14:26:17

Would agree with the others who said get a dietician's advice on this. I BF DS2 dairy and soya free for a year(4m-16m) then found I could start to reintroduce them to my own diet. The size of the molecules that pass into breastmilk is similar to those in the hypdrolysed formulas like Pepti, so it depends how reactive your child is. Neocate is vile, I was given some to mixed feed with when I went back to work and DS would not contemplate it. I tried it myself, I'd have to be close to starvation before I'd drink it.
Our dietician was very supportive of continuing to breastfeed, we both had calcium supplements and she made sure our diet was sufficiently varied, and I used calcium supplemented oat milk for porridge, cooking etc. You may have additional issues with your already limited diet but talk it through with someone before deciding what to do.
I BF DS2 until he was just over 2 and am delighted to report at nearly 3 he has mostly outgrown his intolerances and can now eat a varied diet.
I do know of children who have improved when their mothers have reluctantly given up BF and moved to Neocate or similar... it's a hard decision weighing up the pros and cons, particularly when in normal circumstances you are obviously a committed BFder.

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