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Feeding issues - possibly Milk Allergy/Intolerence or just reflux?

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SuperLuLu Mon 19-Nov-12 18:29:23

This is my first post, done out of frustration and despair. My LO is 6 weeks + 2 days.
Having had feeding issues from the start, just over a week ago my LO has just started projectile vommiting or being sick in varying amounts with everyfeed, being very unsettled and fussy during most feeds, grasping, coughing & spluttering etc. I took her to the HV who said it was likely to be reflux and to take her to the doctors for some infant Gaviscon. I was prescribed this by the General Practioner Nurse without any further questioning.
The first couple of feeds with Gaviscon she projectile vomited, but this settled down with her either being a little sick, posseting or not at all. Because we could only have 6 doses this meant that 1 feed had no Gaviscon which was always bought straight up/projectiled. Last few days she has also started bringing up/projectile vomitting some of her feeds with the Gavison.
She has also developed a rash and dry patches, on her face, neck & body, wheezing, and her anus is red and she is becoming more unsettled during her feeds (particulary her nite time ones), she often thrashes, writhes, whimpers and generaly sounds distressed.
I went back to the GP Nurse today who prescribed more Gaviscon, she said regarding allergies that this is the HV's bag for them to decide if she needs to go on a new formula for allergy and to call them for advice. After speaking to the HV for the 2nd time today, they stated that allergies are rare and that i'm to ask the doctor if I can give more Gaviscon if the 7th feed is needed. They dismissed the allergies completely even though I have asked if I can trial the formula as opposed to pumping LO full of Gavison. I feel deflated.
I had a milk allergy as a baby and was given goats milk (this was the 80's).
The plus side is she is not losing weight, and is having plently of wet nappies, plus some dirty ones (which vary from dry to wet)
Is there anyway I can be take seriously as I really do think it may be an allergy/intolerence as opposed to just reflux. Thoughts please?

Iggly Mon 19-Nov-12 18:32:40

Speak to your GP, lay out your family history and demand a referral to a paediatric dietician. See another GP or HV until you are taken seriously.

Allergies are rare yes but not impossible and because you had a milk allergy then I bet my bottom dollar she does too.

You have to fight I'm afraid!

You can buy hypoallergenic formula - it costs a bomb though.

schmalex Mon 19-Nov-12 18:34:00

Sounds to me like milk allergy, although I'm not an expert. We saw a paed (privately) about my DS's reflux and he discounted milk allergy on the basis he had no skin problems. As far as I understand it, Cow milk allergy affects about 2 or 3% of babies so is by no means uncommon. A friend of mine's DD has it and she had a real battle to get prescribed the special milk as it's expensive.
I think you need to talk to the GP, not HV or nurse.

freefrommum Mon 19-Nov-12 18:52:15

Iggly is right, demand a referral if your GP is not willing to consider milk allergy. Don't be fobbed off. The situation you describe sounds very similar to my DS's story so while I'm not saying it's definitely milk allergy, given your family history it should certainly be investigated. Here's a link to the NICE guidelines on diagnosing allergies in children: I find it is sometimes useful to wave these in the face of GPs/HVs etc when trying to get that referral...

bagpuss45 Mon 19-Nov-12 19:12:19

My son, now 20 months, had difficulty with his feeds. He fed and burped ok, but was very sicky, and wouldn't settle properly - I thought he obviously had a sore tummy. I tried different bottles - had been using Avent and bought Dr Browns - this definitely helped a bit and he wasn't coughing and spluttering so much, but he was obviously still in discomfort. My health visitor was great and actually recommended trying soya milk. Didn't realise how lucky I was! What a difference, worked straight away. My GP explained that it was highly unlikely that my son had a milk allergy (although there is a history in my family) but he may be slightly intolerant to formula cows milk, so we tried Wysoy and he stayed on that till he was one, and then we gradually introduced cows milk. He had soya yoghurts etc when I was weaning him too.

Please stick to your guns, you know your baby better than anyone. It can be helpful to write all symptoms down too, so you don't forget anything when speaking to GP/HV. But yes, if you feel that they are really not supporting you, then definitely insist on paediatrics referral. Good luck.

Wheresmypopcorn Mon 19-Nov-12 19:13:43

My baby had bad reflux. Do not be fobbed off with Gaviscon - they try it first because it the cheapest solution. I wasted loads of time with Gaviscon. I wouldn't rely on an HV to know too much about the effects - at the end of the day the HV is not a doctor. Speak to your GP. Ask the doctor to see if she can go lactose free for a month - you will need to get Neocate formula on prescription - it's really expensive otherwise. Or pay the money for a specialist. the GP will not prioritize you as the baby is not losing weight - neither was mine which is why everything took so long despite her being really ill. I was only referred to a specialist after about 8 months. Gaviscon works by thickening up the contents of the stomach so it is less likely to be brought back up. Another, stronger solution for acid reflux is omeprazole (like Losec) which is an acid inhibitor - limits the acid production in the stomach. So if your little one is on Gaviscon they are still producing acid which is why there could still be discomfort. Omeprazole is strong though which is why it is not the first solution. All I'm saying is be quite direct with them and make them listen.

Hoophopes Mon 19-Nov-12 19:19:48

Hi - I asked for a referral to a paediatrician for my son's reflux, as despite gaviscon and ranitidine from the Gp he still was sick every feed. So could you ask for a referral to a Dr (or see your Gp rather than a nurse) as there are other options before trying specialist formula - or they may tell you to try formula? There are tests available for allergies, so I would be concerned about removing food without seeing a Gp or Paediatrician.

SuperLuLu Mon 19-Nov-12 20:56:49

Thanks all, great to have some understanding comments. Unfortunately the surgery has been busy hence why I was given the general practioner nurse. I will try to get another appt this wk a Dr. Failing any help then we have our check up in a couple of wks so will keep at it. So surprised that health professionals are not willin to investigate these things further, either to rule out or confirm, esp on such little people. Instead they have made me feel like i,m over reacting, but I feel it is more than reflux.

My daughter was originally diagnosed with reflux due to repeated chest infections - by a paediatrion no less. He wanted to do a barium swallow, and I felt it was such an awful procedure for my PFB to go through (DD3 would probably be sent off just so I could have some peace and quiet) that I stalled. During that time I took her off dairy and put her on soya just to see (this was 9 years ago) and all her chest problems disappeared immediately, as did her chronic eczema we had been repeatedly assured was contact eczema not food allergy eczema. When I went back and told the paed he told me she must have grown out of it, it was definitely not the change in diet. I told him to shove it. All my children have been subsequently diagnosed as lactose intolerant and the last two are soya intolerant as well.

Iggly Tue 20-Nov-12 15:59:24

Get an emergency appointment and see someone on the same day.

SuperLuLu Fri 23-Nov-12 09:16:06

Hey, managed to c the doc yesterday. After some hesitation, as her symptoms arent immediate and she has no diarrohrea (but the gaviscon has kept the stools much tighter), he agreed to prescribe apatmil pepti 1. Will be picking that up today. However, yday I changed her formula from apatmil 1 to SMA 1 and she has only had a small amount of sick up including the feeds without gaviscon. I,m tempted to stay on this for a couple more days and see how she goes. If her other symptoms persist - bad skin, rasping/wheezing, redness around anus, unsettledness- then I will try the prescribed formula. Thanks for ur support peeps. Reflux (and milk allergies) are so nasty I hope anyone else reading this gets the support needed to manage either condition.

MayfairMummy Sun 25-Nov-12 21:57:16

Hi SuperLuLu.
I'm not a dr, so firstly i should say it may not be allergies .. however,....
I had similar problems with my DS2. Was told categorically that it wasn't allergies, by dr and by bupa (who i called because i didn't believe the dr). It was (is). If it's severe it might not go away until you get onto neocate (there are other, cheaper, alternatives, which include aptamil pepti and nutramigen, which the drs are much keener to prescribe). There are varying levels where the allergies kick in (depending on how broken down the proteins are). Goats milk won't help if it's a protein allergy. There's also the possibility that it's just a lactose (milk sugar) allergy, but I don't know much at all about that. Oh, and just to be difficult, high chance of soy allergy if it is a cows milk protein allergy, so soy milk may not work either.

Anyway, I guess i'm saying, don't be fobbed off by gaviscon. If you can afford it, you can always try neocate (can be purchased over the counter as well as by prescription - though it's very expensive), and see if the reactions disappear. If they do, you can cite this as clear proof - particularly if they come back after returning to what you were on before. If they don't disappear, then you know that it's not the issue.

Best of luck with your journey, hope you get a clear answer soon!

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