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Dairy-free Christmas treats

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Approximately Tue 13-Nov-12 11:28:17

It is our first Christmas since we have been told my dd (8) is dairy-intolerant. Does anyone have any suggestions for replacement Christmas treats for her? I saw some dairy-free chocolate coins in Sainsburys and have just found dark chocolate christmas trees on Ocado that might be suitable. I want to make a big effort so that she doesn't feel left out when the rest of the family are eating nice treats as she has been quite sad about some of the dietary changes we have had to make. I bake so it is not a problem making all our cakes and biscuits dairy-free, although can you buy dairy-free mince pies?
Any ideas much appreciated....

thejozone Thu 20-Nov-14 20:19:21

my kid is lactose intolerant, try d and d chocolates, is their website, they do some good dairy free christmas treats for kids. they do advent calendar refils...very useful!

desertbaby Wed 11-Dec-13 19:01:03

I googled and after eight mints used to be dairy free but aren't any more.

MrsCosmopilite Wed 04-Dec-13 22:36:43

Can also recommend vegan marshmallows and nougat. Just ordered (and received some).

Munxx Wed 04-Dec-13 22:34:38

The Santa/snowmen gingerbread biscuits in Sainsbury's are dairy free.

LCK Fri 29-Nov-13 21:20:04

Have just found Coles christmas pudding which is egg and dairy free. And gluten and wheat free. Might do the trick on Christmas day 2yo with egg and dairy allergy. And she gobbles up jus rol pastry and waitrose mincemeat mince pies - very very easy to make. Will be stocking up on mincemeat and jus rol and sausage meat to make my own mincepies and sausage rolls and pretend I am a do it all mum.

Valiant1 Fri 29-Nov-13 11:21:10

I have been told not to use rice milk as it has arsenic in only a small amount but dietician page its a no go sad

nanna2the4littleones Thu 14-Nov-13 19:12:51

Holland and Barrett do a great dairy free advent calendar for just
£3.19. !! They also have a good range of dairy free christmas treats.

GinAndSlimlinePlease Tue 20-Nov-12 20:01:22

Dairy free mince pies are easy, iustroll puff, dairy free mincemeat (most are, but do check), and brush with egg.

Alpro cream is fine.

Yy to divine chocs, yummy. It mi htbe worth making most things dairy free so it's less of an issue.

OHforDUCKScake Tue 20-Nov-12 19:52:07

Tesco value mince pies are milk, egg and soya free. And taste just amazing.

kennythekangaroo Tue 20-Nov-12 19:04:14

I have a reusable christmas tree advent calendar and fill it with normal sweets.

Aldi stollen is lovely and dairy/egg free. I think 1 of the tesco mince pies is but as suggested use jus rol.

Sainsburys do a very nice panforte which makes a good alternative to christmas cake.

I make marzipan fruits and dates stuffed with marzipan as extra sweets.

DorisIsWaiting Tue 20-Nov-12 18:58:48

I'm sure Lidl mince pies are dairy free we had them last year.

We have some MOO free advent calendars this year (dd1 is soya free too so it limits us (much) further)

We do use sweets as a replacement quite a lot they've asked santa for TIC Tac'sin their stockings this year.

iirc I think elizabeth shaw and after eight mints are dairy free (traditional christmas fare in our house (dh and dd3 are just dairy free).

Yama Tue 20-Nov-12 18:48:23

Couthy - yes please to the Gingerbread recipe.

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Mon 19-Nov-12 19:52:26

To top a trifle I would use 2-3 of the small cartons, whipped.

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Mon 19-Nov-12 19:51:28

To the person looking for a whipped cream substitute - have you tried whipping Oatly cream? I find it works OK if you use an electric hand mixer.

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Mon 19-Nov-12 19:49:56

Oh - I forgot to say, flavour the icing with peppermint essence, or orange essence first.

I also have a dairy free gingerbread recipe I can post. Makes the most delicious gingerbread biccies. I'll fish it out later!

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Mon 19-Nov-12 19:48:38

I also am going to be making candy canes from royal icing. Dr. Oetker royal icing is dairy, soy and nut free.

I split the pack into 4, and colour 1/4 red and 1/4 green, with gel food colourings. Roll all of them into thin sausages, then twist the red and one white sausage together, and the green and the other white section together.

Chop them into sections of either 12cm or 6cm (depending on whether you want full size or mini canes), shape them into a candy cane shape and lay them out on a baking parchment covered baking sheet and leave to dry.

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Mon 19-Nov-12 19:43:21

The ones in the shops all seem to be gluten free rather than dairy free. Robertson's classic mincemeat is dairy free though. And Tesco's and Jus-Rol pastry are made with vegetable oil and are dairy free.

Or make your own pastry with BLOCK Stork, Vitalite or Pure sunflower spread. I have found the BLOCK Stork works best for pastry, the others are too soft.

trixymalixy Sat 17-Nov-12 20:38:48

Ooh proper dark chocolate coins!! I bought the Sainsburys ones last year, but they are not coins, just discs.

Yama Sat 17-Nov-12 14:46:01

I have been looking for dairy free mince pies. I know somewhere does them but I can't remember where. For the record - Aldi, Tesco and Mr Kipling all contain milk.

Aldi have various Stollen treats which are all dairy free, There is also a nice Christmas almond cake and lots of different dark chocolate treats. They usually sell the dark chocolate Lindt reindeer but I haven't seen it this year year yet.

Lidl also have lots of dark chocolate treats.

The dc love Vanilla Rice Dream rice milk. They occasionally have it in their cereal but I would imagine you could use it as a milk substitute when baking.

babybarrister Sat 17-Nov-12 14:34:00

Very excited re jus rol croissants as DS has never ever had a croissant - where sell them as his bday tomorrow and it would be great breakfast!!!!!smile

Ileithyia Sat 17-Nov-12 10:59:29

I bought some gorgeous dark chocolate (dairy free) coins from Divine I have had to hide them from myself....

trixymalixy Sat 17-Nov-12 10:56:13

Just a warning about the jus rol pain au chocolat. DS has just come out in hives after eating one sad. They do have a may contain egg and milk warning on them.

He's fine with the jus rol croissants, so we'll use put our own chocolate on those.

greenbananas Thu 15-Nov-12 10:50:40

heliotrope those jus-rol croissants are great - and we have discovered that if you spoon melted dairy-free chocolate onto them before rolling them up, they turn into chocolate croissants smile

I think the Co-op had some dairy-free mince pies last year (or was it Asda?) but I haven't found any yet this year.

trixymalixy Thu 15-Nov-12 08:48:44

The cremovita soya whipping cream is very nice. Soyatoo do one in a carton and a spray cream in a can, which I'm going to try.

freefrommum Wed 14-Nov-12 18:38:48

Asda are selling dairy free chocolate advent calendars.

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