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MidnightinMoscow Thu 01-Nov-12 13:52:01

Ds is almost 3 and is allergic to eggs, pine nuts, sesame, beef, lamb and peanuts. Been diagnosed for 2 years, all fine.

DD is 7 months old, no apparent allergies so far...until I have given her some lentils. Has happened twice now, very itchy and swollen eyes.

Would the be enough to warrant a referal?

Maz007 Thu 01-Nov-12 15:25:25

I would say yes based on the family history for your own peace of mind.

Any other atopic symptoms like ezcema? The paeds at St Thomas' allergy clinici suggested our second should be tested before she was even weaned on the basis of bad cradle cap and an allergic older brother - our local service needed more persuading and referred on once she had quite bad eczema despite EBF (she turned out to have allergies too but needn't have done so fingers crossed for you).

I would say, especially given your experience that you should trust your instincts and if it felt iffy especially more than once it's worth asking for an assessment.

MidnightinMoscow Thu 01-Nov-12 15:34:07

She does have a bit of ezcema. DS is under St Thomas' too, they did say they'd be happy to see his sibling if needed.

Thanks. Am a bit gutted, thought I'd got away with it!

Maz007 Thu 01-Nov-12 21:53:22

You might have done :-) fingers crossed! There's no guarantee that there'll be anything there... But better to be reassured than constantly look for signs?
I know just how you feel though - I was in complete denial second time round telling myself that despite the signs I was owed an allergy free ride... gutted when we had the first reaction... but in no time at all we've adjusted and it's fine...

MidnightinMoscow Fri 02-Nov-12 07:17:00

Thanks, I know what you mean. We've done it all before, so at least it's nothing new.

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