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DD beginning with eczema at 2.5, is this the dreaded atopic march?

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whenwillisleepagain Wed 31-Oct-12 21:36:20

Hi, after the kindness i got here on Monday, following DS's traumatic food challenge, I am back seeking more of your calming voices. We're basically a pretty atopic family, me, DH and DS all having variations on asthma, eczema, hayfever, pollen and dustmite allergies, plus DS has food allergies as well. DD has dodged the lot so far... she was 2 in May and had a tiny bit of eczema shortly before her 2nd birthday, on her face, feared the worst as it was height of tree and grass pollen season, but it went after a couple of weeks with HC 1%, and has not reappeared. Last week it appeared in the crook of her arm and I have put her on eumovate, but it's not going. Tonight the red bumpy stuff is down the entire length of her outside lower arm. Grr, it's not necessarily going to be terrible is it? I am well versed in the management of all of this but emotionally this week it's not the best timing. Will take her to to our very good GP tomorrow.

eragon Thu 01-Nov-12 13:44:58

I dont think so, as 2 is quite late for an atopic march person to develop ezcema.
from what i understand, the pattern is very early ezcema that gets better at around 5 years with environmental allergies being a cause of some of that, but then the pattern changes, skin may improve, but symtoms of rhinitus, and eye and chest problems such as asthma may make greater impact on health.

but i could be wrong, am sure others here are more savvy on the allergic march pattern.

my other kids showed small patches of ezcema, two non food allergic grew out, one still has it, and is allergic to dustmite, cat and pollen, other child has all environmental and food allergies.
Like your family we as parents , grandparents uncles aunts etc are riddled with the itchy wheezy gene.

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