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accidental ingestion of dairy & soya in one week *sob*

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On Monday DD helped herself to some of my cereal, she is only 2.3 and got a teaspoon of semi skimmed cows milk in her mouth before I saw what she had done. Whole of Monday she was ok, Monday night no colicy tummy, Tuesday ok (I was hoping so much that she would be ok) but about 5am this morning the gurgles, screams, gagging started. So about 46hours after ingestion. Then a runny nappy first thing, classic dairy poo.

Had a phone call from her daycare at lunchtime to say that she had accidentally been given another childs soya yoghurt (she usually has fruit), given the failed dairy test on Mon/Tue I am now pretty certain she will have a miserable few nights as her tummy is in a bit of upset.

Is there anything I can do to help her? And is there any chance at all that the soya reaction will be milder than the cows milk reaction? TIA

WitchesTit Wed 31-Oct-12 16:30:33

So she is allergic to dairy and soya?

Soya was the safe replacement when my ds was allergic to dairy, so I wouldn't have been worried if he ate soya yoghurt.


She is intolerant to the protein in cows milk not the lactose and the soya protein is quite similar, its not that unusual.

bloody irritating however

WitchesTit Wed 31-Oct-12 16:39:32

Oh that's quite tough then. I'm not sure how you could limit the potential damage, especially if she's already got an accumulation of casein in her system from the dairy.

Lots of water and stock up on calpol? Hope she grows out of it soon poor thing.

FireOverBabylon Wed 31-Oct-12 16:47:47

Do the nursery know how she came to have the yoghurt, so they can help prevent this from happening again?

TinyDiamond Wed 31-Oct-12 16:55:45

I have no advice but wanted to tell you I am in the EXACT same situation with my dd. She can't have cmp and soya and the other morning had cereal with proper milk on and then today has had quite a bit of soya flour in bready stuff when my mum was looking after her. Have already had 2 days of nasty nappies, awful screaming wind and middle of night tummyaches so I feel for you. Hope it gets out of her system soon

MrsJourns Wed 31-Oct-12 22:33:18

Have you tried probiotic powders? I'm not sure if they are suitable for your child's allergies, but I give them to my son who has coeliac disease and can't have gluten. It's impossible to know how much they help him but a couple of weeks ago he accidentally had gluten for the first time since I started giving him probiotics daily, and although he reacted badly (3 hours of projectile vomitting) he was completely fine within 10 hours of having gluten, which was a quick recovery time for him.

OHforDUCKScake Thu 01-Nov-12 08:17:30

I would go mad if a nursery 'accidentally' gave my child a yoghurt. He's anaphylactic.

This is the exact reason Im not sure he'll ever go to a nursery.

I really feel for you OP, my DP and I did a major boo boo two weeks ago and bought chocolate doughnuts instead of jam and passed one to the baby! Luckily I bit into mine and realised, before he bit into his.

Panic stations.

Theres been mistakes before that, too.

We ALL do it.

Hope she's ok. X

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